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The TOP Network — Growth And Development

TOP Chain, an advanced high-performance public blockchain platform, was created to overcome some of the major challenges faced by the current blockchain technologies. Since the TOP ecosystem comprises a 4th generation public blockchain, decentralized communication, and dApps, the network has high growth potential.

The integration of BitVPN on the TOP chain has opened up myriads of opportunities for the network, allowing it to showcase its capability to carry real-world businesses. BitVPN, the decentralized VPN service on the blockchain, would bring in more users and transactions on the chain. With the increase in popularity of the network, more people will know about TOP, boosting its adoption. Moreover, BitVPN would also help the TOP chain in resisting the challenges of several transactions. Eventually, this will boost the value of the TOP chain for investors.

TOP Network — A Potential Choice For CBDC

Thanks to its comprehensive full-stack blockchain platform, TOP will now play a huge role in CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency). Powered by several innovative features like a three-layered architecture and two-layered sharding, the TOP chain is positioned to serve a large number of users and is capable of managing real-world businesses efficiently. It can also manage low-end users, mid and low-end equipment, and businesses even in unstable environments.

The major focus of the network is on blockchain-based social, communication, gaming, and financial inclusion services, along with other globalized businesses. The TOP public chain has several advantages like high frequency, real-time, high throughput, low operation cost, low access, strong flexibility to support a wide range of businesses, and a high degree of freedom. All these characteristics make TOP an ideal choice for CBDC.

What Does The CBDC Do?

CBDC is basically the legal tender of a particular country issued by its Central Bank in digital form. It is therefore a digital token of the official currency issued by the monetary authority of the country. Some of the core values of CBDC include the unified digitization of currency, security and trust assurance of funds, globalization of value and credit, and cross-border payment. They are specifically designed to function as a unit of account, store of value, and medium of exchange for daily transactions. CBDC has opened up more robust, efficient, trusted, regulated, and legal tender-based options for payments.

Blockchain technology brings several unique advantages to a CBDC and requires the ardent support of blockchain technology and solutions. TOP Chain, with its innovative technology, aims to be the provider of this global financial infrastructure.

Why Is TOP Chain A Good Choice For CDBC?

To begin with, the TOP Chain’s architecture is highly user-friendly to CBDC. The network hierarchy is organized into Zones, Clusters, and then Shards. Zone/Cluster can be used for access and Shard for permissionless nature. It can also customize programs for small and micro countries. Moreover, TOP’s Beacon Chain can be used for controllability. It also plays numerous significant roles and acts as the coordinator and archive for the system.

CBDC highly depends on blockchain technology for its cross-border operations. Especially industries and enterprises rely on the blockchain to build trust, realize the flow of funds centered on stable coins, and focus on international compliance and supervision.

The infrastructure of the TOP Network is highly cross-border friendly. This advanced high-performance public blockchain platform has a 3-layer structure that supports various businesses. For instance, the region-based zone chain can support compliance, the built-in audit process can manage supervision, and the built-in Edge group supports global access.

With financial globalization growing at a rapid pace, TOP has some unique advantages both in technology and in terms of ecological expansion. Eventually, TOP Network will play a significant role as the underlying infrastructure of the financial system and position itself as a potential blockchain platform in the market.

The Future Plans Of TOP Network

Distributed storage, digital currency wallets, blockchain games, and metaverse are some of the important layouts of TOP today. In the future, Dingtone will also migrate more than 100 million of its users to the chain.

However, TOP’s major mission is to address all the challenges that are holding back dApp (decentralized applications) development today, with a focus on security and efficiency. The developers have built a comprehensive full-stack blockchain platform with an aim to bring blockchain to the masses and accelerate the development and adoption of dApps.

The price of the TOP token has been hovering at the bottom for a long time. Although large-scale fundraising has been going on, it is now in a stage of underestimation. But with the rapid growth of the TOP Network and increase in its use cases, the TOP token will return in value and would likely showcase a significant rise in the coming years.

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