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TOP CMO AMA Recap: What’s the next big news after Coinsuper listing?

TOP Network co-founder and CMO Noah joined our official WeChat group on June 3 to answer questions regarding the recent new listing on Coinsuper and Mainnet launch in late June.

Q1: Why did TOP choose to get listed on Coinsuper after Huobi? How is the new listing impacting TOP tokens in addition to increasing the liquidity?

Noah:Thank you all for joining the AMA today. I’m Noah, co-founder and CMO of TOP Network. Let me start with the first question — Why did TOP get listed on Coinsuper after Huobi? Coinsuper is the second crypto exchange we officially get on. We were impressed by the background of Coinsuper founding team with extensive experience in finance. Coinsuper will add a margin-trading feature for cryptocurrency in the future, similar to the margin trading in the traditional finance industry. Moreover, Coinsuper opened up the fiat gateway for cryptocurrency, a feature benefiting both individual and institutional investors, and one that will help TOP to remain compliant with regulations and increase the liquidity of tokens as well. The location is another reason, as Coinsuper is based in Hong Kong, Asia’s leading financial center and one of the largest financial centers in the world.

Q2: Do you have any recent plans to get on other exchanges?

Noah: Of course, we have. But we’re walking steadily towards the goal and making progress step by step. TOP will get on more exchanges in the future, but we’re carefully selecting every exchange we would like to collaborate with and work with them with all our trust. We’re sure to bring more surprises for our community members. Please stay tuned!

Q3: Besides the Chinese market, what are the other global markets TOP is targeting? And how is the progress?

Noah:Actually TOP was focusing on the overseas market before getting on Huobi, and we has gained a lot attention especially in the U.S. as our headquarter is in Silicon Valley. Right now we’re exploring markets in Korea, Southeast Asia and Europe. Some of our investors are from Europe and Middle East. We really appreciate their support. So in terms of the progress, it goes really well. I just had an in-depth conversation with an organization in Vietnam for potential collaboration opportunities before the AMA. If you have any resources in the local market, please feel free to share with us and let us know your suggestions.

Q4: What is the total number of TOP token holders now? Do you think TOP is undervalued?

Noah: Our Mainnet will go live in late June. This is the promise we made to our community. According to the statistics by Huobi, there are around 100,000 individual investors of TOP token. Currently the token price is around three times of the initial price on Huobi Prime, showing that TOP is almost the best performed project on Prime, even better than some projects on Binance. We appreciate all your support. I believe TOP’s long journey has just started. We will share more updates with our community, and I hope that everyone is investing in TOP for the long-term value rather than speculating.

In terms of how to minimize losses, I think the priority is to know how to invest. I recommend you guys reading some books about trading to learn how to increase risk awareness and to cut your losses when the market goes against your expectation.

As someone doubted the tripled profits I just mentioned, what I mean is if you participated in Prime and has been holding your tokens until now, you will have tripled your profits. This also proves TOP is a good target for value investment.

As for our use cases, the applications are all in the communications industry, including VoIP, messaging App, and Proxy that will soon launch on our public blockchain. As a TOP token holder, you can contribute your idle bandwidth to mine more tokens. You will have access to gain more services and rewards from the Apps with utility tokens in the future. Please follow our official channels for more detailed updates.

What I do want to suggest is using the value investing strategy so that you will never lose in the long run no matter at which price you bought the tokens. Think about you’re buying Bitcoin now. Whether you bought at $9000, $8000, $7000, or $10,000, I believe you will never lose in the long term. Right? Despite the frequent plunges, no one would feel they got scammed if they bought Bitcoin in the morning and the price dropped in the afternoon. The value of TOP is similar to Bitcoin in the long term, and we have more real-time use cases. I believe TOP token holders will not lose a penny considering the long-term value.

Q5: As the first project on Huobi Prime, will TOP collaborate with Huobi for more activities in the future?

Noah: Of course. We have a long-lasting collaboration with Huobi and will definitely work closely with them. Please stay tuned for more updates from Huobi, which I believe will bring our community a lot of benefits and surprises.

Q6: We still haven’t seen large-scale applications of blockchain. What do you think the most important reason is? How do you think about the future of blockchain?

Noah: I think blockchain is still in its early stages. There will soon be explosive, large-scale applications. Rome isn’t built in a day. I hope that everyone can be more patient and supportive. And we should keep the faith that blockchain will be the next mobile Internet, and even grow faster and more vibrantly.

Q7: Some influential public chain projects are accelerating their mainnet launch. As a rising star, how does TOP Network plan to compete with them? What are the goals and roadmap of TOP?

Noah: We will launch our mainnet at the end of June. On top of the TOP chain, there will be service layers providing services for communication, storage and maybe even gaming. We’ll also have a variety of DApps on top of the service layers.

TOP is building an ecosystem, similar to the Internet giants like Alibaba and Tencent that have forged their own ecosystems. We believe that TOP Network will be the next Alibaba or Tencent. That is why our team have dedicated all ourselves into the project. I believe that TOP will have a very bright future.

Also, TOP are not competing with other projects. The whole blockchain world is on the same boat. TOP has partnered with Conflux and Algorand, two projects led by Turing award winners. I believe that with our continuous efforts, we will work together to develop and speed up the whole industry.

We look forward to connecting with more companies in the communications industry in China. If you have any connections, please feel free to introduce them to us. We offer token rewards if it turns out successful!

Q8: The mainnet will be launched at the end of June. What does it mean to the project and how will it affect or benefit the token holders? Will there be related activities? How will TOP build its ecosystem?

Noah: The mainnet launch will mark the beginning of our ecosystem followed by a series of subsequent business activities. DApps developers can start their projects on TOP chain, and we will realize our vision in the whitepaper step by step. More users, designers and developers can participate in. In a word, for us, the mainnet launch is not an end, but just a milestone, a start.

Q9: After the mainnet launch, how will TOP recruit nodes and attract developers?

Noah: After the mainnet launch, there will be super nodes and common nodes. As you may have noticed before, the minimum requirements for devices to join our Testnet as common nodes were not high. Therefore, it’s simple to become a common node on TOP mainnet and get TOP tokens in return. As for super nodes, we’re rolling out a staking mechanism and more detailed plans are coming out in the near future.

Q10: When will TOP launch its first DApp? What impact will it have on TOP’s ecosystem?

Noah: Actually our first DApp is already available for download in App Store. We’re further upgrading the DApp to improve its functions. Feel free to let us know your user feedbacks to help us improve the whole ecosystem.

Q11: What is TOP’s plan regarding IoT (Internet of Things)? Is IoT an important use case for 5G? Does TOP have any potential application in the emerging technologies like self-driving cars?

Noah: TOP consists of three parts: A public chain, service platform, and DApps. The combination of TOP with IoT or self-driving, for example, will happen on the service platform. We welcome IoT companies or other related companies to reach out to us and we believe there’re very likely to be cooperation opportunities.

Q12: With the total supply of 20 billion, will TOP buy back or burn tokens?

Noah:This is a great question. We have thought about this before. I think we will take some actions in the future, but we haven’t talked about the details yet. Buying back and burn tokens is good news for our community. We will provide a satisfying answer for our community. Stay tuned!

Q13: It seems that TOP team is more tech-oriented. What are your marketing plans?

Noah: We will plan a lot of offline events to activate our community. We’re doing very well both in our English community or the local Chinese community we have just started, and we will work hard to achieve more. Feel free to let us know if you have any suggestions.



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