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Since the emergence of DeFi, the congestion and high GAS fees of the Ethereum has hit heated discussions and led to the emergence of many EVM compatible chains. Lower GAS fees and faster transaction speed allow many projects to adopt the “multiple-chain deployment” model and migrate to other ecosystems, which indicates a rigid demand for the distribution and circulation of digital assets. The cross-chain bridge program is an essential infrastructure for digital assets to connect across different chains and works on supporting the efficient flow of assets across chains.

Many Dapp projects are constantly migrating to public chains with lower entry thresholds. At present, dozens of public chains are fiercely competing in the market. As a new chain with high efficiency and low cost, TOP is willing to accept and embrace the competition. The launch of the TOP Cross-Chain Bridge did represent the first step into the competition.

There are certain requirements for the development of cross-chain bridge. It provides a compatible channel between two public chains with different protocols and rules so that one chain can obtain transactions that occur on the other chain and verify the migration of assets. The essence of a cross-chain bridge is to circulate assets across two chains. Throught it, the balance is achieved by locking or destroying the assets on the original chain and minting or releasing the corresponding assets on the target chain.

Cross-chain bridge sets security at its top priority rather than has high requirements for TPS performance. For a long time, the cross-chain bridge has been the target that hackers tend to attack the most. Due to the theft of funds from the cross-chain bridge, the industry has suffered a loss of far more than 100 million US dollars this year. Therefore, security has been a focus in the design and development. Open test for the cross-chain bridge has been rolled out, so we invite you as “Think tank” to contribute your unique efforts to the construction of the TOP ecosystem.

TOP Network attaches great importance to the open test of the cross-chain bridge. The security and stability of the chain have always been what we are devoted to. To make this public test run smoothly, the TOP Foundation will fund this bug bounty program and give out generous TOP rewards for your participation in finding security bugs or vulnerabilities.

The one-month open test lasts from August 5 to August 24. All users can participate and submit issues to the forms provided by the TOP team. If you have submitted your forms, you will get the feedback soon. The TOP technical team will regularly evaluate the submitted issues and keep results in tune with the community.

Bug Bounty Rules:

1. The TOP team will jointly review the submitted issues and reward hunters according to the severity of the problems.

2. Hunters should provide a complete issue description, test address, transaction hash, screenshot of issues and so on.

3. For the same questions, first come frst served.

4. Known issues and some pre-clarified contents are not included in this bug bounty program.

Note: The TOP team has the right to interpret the bug bounty program.

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Form link:

We are inviting you to participate in the test! Be a TOP hunter and get rewards from it. Up to 15,000,000 TOP for a single issue! Happy hunting!

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