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5 min readJun 28, 2024

On June 27, TOP Network Senior Product Manager Stella and Community Manager Jenny held an AMA event in the Crypto Rush community. One of the purposes of this event was to introduce TOP, share the latest developments, and prepare everyone for a deeper understanding of TOP.

Host: Please introduce you and your project?

Stella: Hi everyone I’m Stella, the senior product manager of TOP Network. TOP is a high-performance public chain focused on sharding technology and AI infrastructure. The mainnet was launched at the end of 2020 and has been running stably for over three years. TOP tokens can be traded on Huobi Global and MEXC.

Host: Thank you for letting us know. Could you make a deep introduction about TOP Network?

Stella: Sure. TOP Network is a blockchain that employs sharding technology and a three-layer network, supporting real business with high transaction throughput, high speed, and low fees. TOP currently has four main shards and one EVM shard. TOP is expanding to develop a new AI model and computing power shard to build a decentralized AI model-level service marketplace.

Host: Why choose the AI direction? Does TOP have any advantages in this area?

Stella: We find that the massive demand for AI models in the market cannot be addressed through centralized supply as in the Web2 model. Instead, it will transform into personalized model needs for individual companies or people. This is precisely where the strengths of the Web3 domain lie, and TOP is well-equipped to support these needs.

I will elaborate it into three aspects:

Partners: TOP has high-quality partners, including companies providing real devices, computing power, and AI applications. These partnerships lay the foundation for quickly integrating computing power and AI applications into the TOP chain.

Business Capacity: The TOP chain uses a three-layer network structure and scalable sharding technology to handle high real-time, high-liquidity businesses, making it ideal for AI-related operations.

Native Technical Support: The TOP chain’s concurrent consensus mechanism supports multiple accounts and contracts simultaneously, enabling fast transactions and second-level consensus to meet real business needs. Its horizontal sharding allows for elastic expansion, and its extremely low on-chain processing costs make it ideal for numerous AI agents and models. This setup meets the real-time and capacity demands of AI businesses while reducing costs.

Host: That’s impressive. We heard that TOP has established the AI Lab. Can you briefly explain the motivation behind its establishment?

Stella: The establishment of TOP AI Lab is based on the global AI development trend and the actual needs of the TOP chain. Large companies have built centralized AI systems through immense computing power, leading to issues of data privacy and model scrutiny. Therefore, decentralized AI infrastructure has become a necessity. In the current blockchain ecosystem, there is a noticeable homogenization, with many public chains offering similar functions and services. To stand out in the public chain arena, it is crucial to find an appropriate entry point, and the AI direction is the most suitable for the TOP chain.

Host: Awesome! Does TOP have any recent plans or actions?

Stella: Absolutely yes! TOP will update the official website this week and officially announce new information about the model and computing power shard. Currently, the litepaper for the new shard is being written, and the technical design plan is also in progress.

In addition to the new technical plan, we need to reconsider the redistribution of TOP tokens to incentivize participants and developers.

Host: Thank you, Stella, for the introduction of TOP Network. Now there are some questions picked from Twitter:

Question 1: The current market is quite active, but in the future there may be a downtrend market situation, so what has the team prepared so that their project can still develop well even if the market goes down in the future?

Stella: Since launching in 2020, we have weathered through a challenging bull-bear cycle, which has strengthened our confidence in organizational resilience over the past three years. Additionally, the new AI direction is not only internally endorsed but has also garnered interest from potential investors we recently engaged with. TOP cofounder is currently engaging with Middle Eastern investment institutions, with the intention of establishing significant blockchain collaborations in the region. Therefore, we are currently not concerned about the project’s sustainability in the near term.

Question 2, What are the attractive features in your project? What is the vision and goals in your project that you want to achieve in 2024 and beyond?

Stella: Our new shard’s standout advantage lies in its ability to directly provide services at the model level, distinguishing it from the majority of bulk computing power service platforms in the current market. AI represents the future’s most crucial productivity tool, and we envision every enterprise or individual owning their AI models. Our platform aims to assist everyone with lightweight solutions and low costs. Of course, our primary goal now is to successfully implement our new shard.

Question 3: What tools or services have you implemented to aid project owners who intend to launch their projects on your launchpad? Do you have any incentive program such as grants or loans implemented to aid developers during the process of launching projects on your platform?

Stella: Currently we have staking and mining service, which could be checked in our official website. Later, the demand side for AI models can conduct model training and inference on our platform, with corresponding documentation provided upon launch for assistance. Additionally, we encourage projects focused on AI agents; those with significant model usage needs can also become our sidechains. AI Lab will offer technical support and support from our ecosystem fund.

Question 4, With the increasing popularity of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, what measures does your project take to ensure compliance with relevant regulations and laws, especially regarding to financial transactions and user data protection?

Stella: Due to the blockchain world’s principles of openness and decentralization, we primarily ensure compliance with relevant regulations and laws through data encryption and compliance audits. Firstly, leveraging blockchain’s secure encryption technology, we ensure transaction data is safe during transmission and storage. Secondly, we conduct regular compliance audits and risk assessments, promptly adjusting strategies to meet new regulatory requirements.

Question 5: How does top Token plan to educate and onboard users who may be new to the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology?

Stella: We primarily operate as a technical infrastructure blockchain, so our previous user base has mostly been developers accustomed to receiving technical documentation to assist with blockchain-related issues. Now, as we expand to new users, we’re enhancing foundational content in our community, starting with blockchain explorers, to introduce our blockchain. We aim to guide users gradually into our token staking system.

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