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TOP Network Bi-weekly Report: 11/25–12/08, 2020

Tech Progress

TOP Chain

1. The user experience of being a miner continues to optimize, the team solves some problems found in the experience process.

2. Optimize the T address format and make adjustments for the supporting updates of the mainnet update account address.

3. Optimize transaction real-time performance, shorten transaction confirmation time, and improve user experience.

4. Realize the corresponding optimization design for other mainnet updates, and optimize the layout for the continuous improvement of the TOP chain.

Smart Contract

1. The pre-research and preliminary design of the smart contract optimization plan aims to provide a smart contract framework that is more convenient for developers to use in the future.

Galileo Testnet

1. The command level, copywriting and functions of TOPIO have been revised and optimized, and a graphical interface mining software has been designed.

2. In order to optimize the user experience, the TOP address format has been optimized.

Activity Review

1. On November 30th, TOP Network, TOP ecological wallet HiWallet and TopIPFS miners participated in the selection activity hosted by Golden Finance of China. TOP Network, HiWallet, and TopIPFS ranked among the top 10 in the technology, wallet and mining industry respectively in the mass voting.

2. On December 4, TOP Network participated in the “Value Age 2020 FAT List” selection activity hosted by the ODaily. Currently, it is in the public voting session. Copy the link to open the voting address to vote for the TOP Network.

Vote link:

(Everyone can vote 10 times daily.)



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