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TOP Network Bi-weekly Report: April 27, 2022 — May 10, 2022

Tech Progress

1. The development projects that TOP is compatible with the Ethereum specification and the EVM virtual machine have passed the development and smoke test, which means that the functional level acceptance has been completed. The next phase will continue to improve stability and optimize performance, as well as to conduct security acceptance and in-depth testing.

2. The integration of TOP ERC20-USDT and TOP native Token mechanism has been tested. TOP shards and EVM contracts have been able to circulate and use Wrap’s stable coins, and the next step will be to continue security acceptance and in-depth testing.

3. Complete the second important stage of the decentralized cross-chain bridge project between Ethereum and the TOP ecosystem. Cross-chain token transactions from the Ethereum chain to the relay node to the TOP chain are already available.

Recent Updates

TOP-compatible Ethereum sharding has entered the final stage and is expected to be officially launched in the near future. After the TOP public chain realizes Ethereum-compatible sharding, various Dapps and assets on Ethereum can be migrated to the TOP Chain.

At the same time, it can overcome the defects of Ethereum’s congestion and high fees, allowing users to truly enjoy DeFi applications with fast speed and low fees, further promoting the development of DeFi and prospering the ecology of TOP.


Steve, the co-founder of TOP Network, will be invited to attend the FIL Austin community face-to-face summit hosted by the Filecoin Foundation on June 8, 2022 (PST), and give a speech to discuss how TOP combines the technology of Filecoin distributed storage to develop the ecology and promote Web3 and the landing of the metaverse.

At the same time, Steve will also be an advisor of Filet ( to have in-depth exchanges with the Filecoin Foundation on the future development of Filet and its cooperation with Filecoin.

There will also be a series of workshops and panel discussions for builders, developers, and partners joining the Filecoin ecosystem on how to scale the Filecoin network.

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