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TOP Network Bi-weekly Report: August 17 -August 30, 2022

Technology Progress

1. TOP mainnet version 1.6.0 has been released, and most of the nodes on the mainnet have upgraded to the latest version. At present, the mainnet is running smoothly. This version includes decentralized cross-chain bridge between TOP and ETH.

2. Cross-chain bridge Ethereum contract deployment: The main part is ready. The official deployment is expected to be rolled out in about ten days for the team is working on the internal code audit and key reinforcement.

3. TOP Mainnet version 1.7.0 progress: Completed the first milestone, and verified the design and feasibility through Demo.

The main feature of the TOP mainnet version 1.7.0 is: NFT distribution platform.

Activity Review

The TOP cross-chain bridge open test has officially ended. By the end of it, we had received more than 180 submissions, and the TOP team had validated, reproduced, and provided feedback on each submission, which has been shared in the community. The team will then define the issues in terms of severity and rewards will be given out accordingly in accordance to rules of the bug bounty.

More information from TOP telegram group:

Progress Notice

At present, the security team composed of several professional personnel has carried out security reinforcement for each product line and all aspects of it. Security work is underway in accordance with the level of the urgency. It is expected to move to the next stage in mid-to-late September. Please be patient and keep in tune with us! The progress updates will be announced to you timely!

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