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TOP Network Bi-weekly Report: August 31-September 13, 2022

Technology Progress

  1. Contract deployment of cross-chain bridge: Internal code audit has completed. Key access reinforcement solution will introduce CPU Enclave security technology, which takes some time to deploy. In addition, following the migration of Ethereum Merge to PoS consensus, TOP Bridge will support both PoW and PoS to check the validity of Ethereum blocks. This will take an additional 2–3 weeks to complete.
  2. TOP mainnet version 1.7.0 progress: Completed the second milestone. The code is basically completed, and the functions have been debugged. The next phase will focus on security, self-testing, and acceptance.
  3. “Web3 NFT Application Project” has completed the MVP version. The feasibility of the concept and technical path has been proved through experience and acceptance. Based on this, the next phase will focus on abstracting and building the “web3 NFT infrastructure platform layer”.

Important Notice

Currently the TOP security team focuses on the security reinforcement of each associated business and the underlying layers. The work is at the top priority of the team and involves a lot of aspects, so it will take some time to complete. Thank you for your understanding and waiting for the past days.

In addition, during the security reinforcement, we has temporarily closed cross-chain bridge and ports, so the relevant data cannot be checked as normal. The team will gradually open the ports according to the priority and the data will be displayed normally then.

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