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TOP Network Bi-Weekly Report: Dec. 23-Jan. 4, 2021

Breaking News

On January 4, the TOP mainnet was successfully upgraded to the New Horizons version. This upgrade means that the mining of the TOP mainnet has officially started. Users can either act as miners on the TOP mainnet to obtain mining rewards, or they can vote for miners to obtain dividends. The previous staking users need to vote for miners to get rewards.

Technical Progress

TOP Chain

1. TOP mainnet upgraded to the New Horizons version. The TOP development team completed a series of major breakthroughs, including adding economic incentives, updating the election mechanism, introducing a dual-key mechanism, increasing the token destruction function, etc. TOP chain is now a more stable, safer, and more attractive full state sharding blockchain. .

2. The DApp for miners is officially launched. Miners can join the TOP mainnet through the DApp and start the TOP mining journey.

Become a miner from here:


After the TOP mainnet is upgraded to the New Horizons version, HiWallet supports TOP native token at the first time.

Download HiWallet from here:


TOP will launch a series of bounties for miners very soon. Stay tuned!

For miner document, please refer here:

Telegram group:



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