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TOP Network Bi-weekly Report: Feb 17, 2022 — Mar 1, 2022

Tech Progress

1. The TOP mainnet V1.2.9 has been launched, and most of the mainnet nodes have been upgraded.

2. The TOP mainnet V1.3.0 version (optimizing TPS, real-time and security) has completed the development and acceptance of most tasks, and the other two main tasks are expected to be completed on March 7th.

3. The first prototype of TOP compatible with Ethereum specifications and contracts is completed. Demonstrates the fund transfer function between TOP native shards (Shard#1..n) to TOP Ethereum heterogeneous shards (Shard#0), and verifies the feasibility of the architecture.

4. The architecture design of the decentralized cross-chain bridge project between the Ethereum ecosystem and the TOP ecosystem has been completed, and a prototype is being developed to demonstrate the cross-chain asset flow and verify the design.

Activity Review

On February 22, Allen, the marketing manager of TOP Network, shared the information about the launch of the TOP bridge (cross-chain bridge) to users in the overseas community in a live broadcast and explained that the TOP bridge launched this time is mainly realized Asset transfer between the three chains of TOP, BSC, and HECO.

✨TOP Bridge is available here:

Find the video recap from here👇

Upcoming Events

Recently, the latest roadmap of TOP has been officially determined. Allen will explain the content of the roadmap in detail in the Telegram community at 16:00 on March 2, UTC+8, and answer the questions that users care about.

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