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TOP Network Bi-weekly Report: Feb 24, 2021-Mar 9, 2021

TOP Mainnet

According to TOPScan data, the current number of miners on the TOP mainnet chain is 688, the number of voting deposits is nearly 1.5 billion, and the mining reward is about 113 million TOP. At present, TOP mainnet mining is still in the bonus period. The earlier you join the mining, the higher the profit. With the expansion of the TOP ecosystem and the rise of TOP prices in the later period, the long-term persistence of the TOP mainnet miners will gain immeasurable benefits.

More details, please refer here:

Tech progress

TOP Chain

1.The development of TEP (TOP Evolution Protocol) #1 native currency (Native Token) issuance contract specifications, which greatly simplifies the cost and procedures for users to issue native currency; at the same time, it also allows the entire chain to issue many different types of native currency (user-issued native currency). It has the same characteristics and capabilities as the TOP pass, and can realize its own value expression, transfer, and conversion in all scenarios of the TOP platform).

2. Based on the Lua language, the issuance of TOP TEP#2 tokens (non-native tokens) was realized, and the contract version was v1; the feasibility of supporting multiple token businesses on the TOP platform was verified.

3. To fully exercise the development capabilities of the TOP chain contract, a DeFi product that is representative in the market has been completely developed based on the contract framework of the TOP chain. Judging from the situation of the exercise, the TOP main chain can basically support this complex application, but it also found that it lacks a random number service like ChainLink, and the support for the oracle is more complicated. These issues are where the TOP contract framework in the next stage needs to be improved.

4. TOP x P2P transmission optimization has made a new breakthrough. For P2P messages/blocks under many node groups, the amount of data transmitted by P2P has been reduced by half compared with the previous under the premise of ensuring the arrival rate of 100% and real-time performance, and there will be optimization in the future. Space.

6. The TOP main chain infrastructure team’s “high-speed synchronization”, “high-frequency transaction security”, “automatic data cutting”, “new contract instruction set”, “cross-chain/sharding contract framework” and other projects are progressing smoothly and have all entered the testing and verification phase will be delivered in Q1 as originally planned.

6. At present, the main problem that restricts the development progress of the TOP platform is not technology but recruitment. We also need a lot of senior Rust and C++ developers. If the community can recommend talents in this respect, it will be our greatest help.


HiWallet officially launched the Top Blocks miner client. The user who purchased the mining machine can use the Dapp to view the mining data after the mining machine is installed in the IDC room.

TOP Staking

The data shows that the number of TOP staking has increased by more than 20 million recently, and the total amount is close to 1.5 billion. The number of TOP in circulation in the market is very limited. We reiterate once again that the 15% tokens held by the Telos Foundation will never be sold and will only be used for staking!

This is also the team’s confidence and belief in the long-term development of the TOP public chain. Every participant is our most precious peer and partner. Let us move towards a higher goal together!



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