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TOP Network Bi-weekly Report: Jan 19, 2022 — Feb 1, 2022

Tech Progress

TOP Chain

1. The V1.2.8 version of the TOP mainnet has been launched, 95% of the nodes have been upgraded to V1.2.8. Note: The goal of V1.2.8 is to optimize storage space and automatic cropping, to ensure that consensus nodes and advance nodes automatically crop all data, and to solve the hard limit of the small disk space of most nodes on the current mainnet.

2. The TOP mainnet V1.2.9 version has completed all preparations for launch. Due to the impact of the holiday, the official launch time has been postponed for 2 weeks.

3. Complete the iterative design and discussion of the second version of the TOP Ethereum contract sidechain (Note: the third version is the final version). Due to the impact of the holiday, the design of the third edition is expected to be delayed by 2 weeks.

📢Important Notice

The TOP mainnet has been fully upgraded to V1.2.8, and this upgrade is a mandatory upgrade version. All TOP nodes need to be upgraded before 9:30 AM on February 10, UTC+8. This upgrade mainly optimizes the following contents:

* Reduced disk space usage

* Advance nodes are no longer responsible for performing archive work tasks

* Added checkpoints data

* Renamed some parameter names on the TCC chain

For the upgrade tutorial documentation, please refer to:

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