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TOP Network Bi-Weekly Report: January 5, 2022 — January 18, 2022

Tech Progress

1. The TOP mainnet V1.2.8 version has completed the testing and acceptance check, and the goal is to release and upgrade on January 30.

Note: The goal of V1.2.8 is to optimize storage space and automatic cropping, to ensure that consensus and advance nodes automatically crop all data, and to solve the hard limit of the small disk space of most community nodes on the current mainnet.

2. The development of the TOP Edge node compatible with the Ethereum RPC API specification (account and transaction-related API) has completed the prototype demonstration, and the next step will officially start the development work.

3. The pre-research work for each task of the TOP mainnet V1.2.9 version has been completed. After the release of V1.2.8, it will officially enter the programming stage.

4. The first draft of TOP’s Ethereum contract side chain architecture design has been completed.

Note: TOP will start a side chain to carry the Ethereum EVM contract to run.

Activity Review

On January 4th, TOP Network with Hotbit held an event about sharing 3 million TOP. TOP holders are available to exchange native TOP tokens in Hotbit. Currently, the exchange has closed deposits and withdraw due to node maintenance. The reopening time will be announced in the Telegram community.

✨Brand New✨

At 18:00 on January 18 (UTC+8), TOP Network officially launched the LP mining or TOP-USDT pair. Users who stake LP certificates can get more TOP rewards. The new launch expanded new scenarios for TOP, and allow more people to participate in the TOP ecosystem.

Go here to participate:

Staking TOP is now available to mine FIL in Filet! The TOP token on BSC or HECO chain can be staked in Filet and get FIL in return. Users can also participate in various projects on Filet that stake FIL to obtain FIL.

Besides, Filet is officially supported by HiWallet. If you have FIL on the Filecoin network, you can directly stake FIL to mine FIL in HiWallet with an APY of around 30%.

Find details:

Important Notice

1. The TOP mainnet V1.2.7 upgrade is coming to the end. Up to now, 98% of the nodes have completed the upgrade. For the nodes that have not yet completed the upgrade, please complete the upgrade as soon as possible.

Nodes that have not completed the upgrade will affect rewards and node reputation scores. Please update TOPIO according to the following tutorial:

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TOP Network is a decentralized blockchain ecosystem composed of public blockchain, DApps & decentralized communication.

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