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TOP Network Bi-weekly Report: July 6, 2022–July 19, 2022

Tech Progress

TOP Chain

  1. The decentralized cross-chain bridge project between Ethereum and the TOP ecosystem is doing security code review and GAS optimization. In order to better discover security issues related to cross-chain, it is planned to open Testnet around the end of July and invite the community to experience and participate in cross-chain transfers (P.S. between Ethereum and TOP chain).
  2. The 1.7.0 version of the TOP mainnet has been suspended for 2 weeks, and the vacated resources have solved two important security issues of cross-chain projects. Especially in the time window when most nodes of the relay chain restart at the same time, the TOP mainnet can be attacked and lead to the security vulnerabilities of the chain forks.
  3. The “Web3-Oriented NFT Infrastructure” project has completed the main design and plans to make an MVP version in one month to verify how Web3, NFT, and TOP can be better integrated. At that time, it will also be open to the community for the experience.

Upcoming Events

1. TOP Network’s strategic partner TopBlocks has submitted the application for Filecoin’s hackathon. This application is combined with the TOP chain and the Filecoin chain. After the application is complete, it will be open to the community for the experience. The TOP public chain was built for Web3 at the beginning of its design. Relying on the low-cost, low threshold, and high TPS characteristics of the TOP Network, it can meet the high frequency and high real-time usage requirements of Web3.

2. The TOP decentralized cross-chain bridge has come to the final stage. Cross-chain bridge security and experience are very important. At that time, we will open the community, and there will be rewards for discovering issues. Stay tuned!

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