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TOP Network Bi-weekly Report: June 22, 2022–July 5, 2022

Tech Progress

TOP Chain

1. The decentralized cross-chain bridge project between Ethereum and the TOP ecosystem has reached the state of code completion. The revision scope of version 1.6.0 is determined to only include the cross-chain bridge function, which is expected to be released in late July.

2. TOP cross-chain bridge and cross-shard security improvement projects:

a. Completed the “Analysis of Several Industry Cross-Chain Bridge Safety Accidents in Recent Years” and formulated TOP cross-chain bridge safety bottom-line measures.

b. Project plan: Most security improvements will be carried out in v1.6.0, and the rest will be released in 1.7.0.

Note: Due to the intervention of security-related tasks, the original release cycle of version 1.6.0 is expected to be delayed by about 2 weeks.

3. The 1.7.0 version of the TOP mainnet completes the definition of product requirements (including security requirements). The main contents of the version include real-time improvement of EVM sharding and TPS improvement, EVM sharding and cross-chain bridge security reinforcement, and TOP stablecoins, etc. project.

Recent Activity

TopBlocks, TOP’s strategic partner, will participate in the Hackathon organized by the Filecoin Foundation. In this competition, TopBlocks will go deep into the Web3 track, develop an application to be deployed on the TOP chain, and conduct an experiment by combining data storage with IPFS. This application will also be migrated to the TOP main chain in near future. The TOP public chain was built for Web3 at the beginning of its design, and a series of applications in the field of Web3 will also have a better user experience on the TOP chain.

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