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TOP Network Bi-weekly Report: March 10 — March 23, 2021

TOP Mainnet

According to TOPScan data, there are currently 689 miners and nearly 1.5 billion voting deposits on the TOP mainnet chain, the mining reward is about 136 million TOP. At present, TOP mainnet mining is still in the bonus period. The earlier you join the mining, the higher profit you can get. With the expansion of the TOP ecosystem and the rise of currency prices later, the long-term miners in the TOP mainnet will gain immeasurable benefits.

Technological progress

TOP Chain

1. Completed the development and testing of the TOP mainnet v1.1.4 upgrade version, mainly including: optimizing the transaction pool, enhancing transaction security, solving the problem of probabilistic Drand stagnation when the large-scale beacon network node restarts, and solving the problem of partial data stagnation when synchronizing data under extreme conditions, optimizing the voting reward query function in RPC, and adding transaction status information in RPC. The TOP mainnet v1.1.4 upgrade version has been released in the community. This version is an optional optimization upgrade. It is recommended to upgrade in the community.

2. The development, testing, and acceptance of the TOPxP2P transmission optimization under large-scale nodes has officially been completed, and it will be merged into the TOP mainnet v1.1.5 version for community use.

3. The “High-speed synchronization”, “High-frequency trade security”, and “Automatic data trimming” projects of TOP main chain infrastructure team were slightly delayed (about one week); the progress of other basic optimization is basically in line with the plan and it will still be delivered in Q1 as originally planned .

4. Since the TOP main chain application and service team is developing 4 projects at the same time, the resources are limited, and the progress of TOP API-Service is delayed by up to 3 weeks. TOP Native Token and the exchange are connected through the API Service, so the corresponding progress will also be affected.

TOP Mining Revenue

According to TOPScan data, based on TOP’s recent average price of 0.005 USDT, the highest annualized rate of return for a top-ranked senior miner can reach 20,000%, which is equivalent to investing less than 5 CNY a day to rent a server, and get 310,000 CNY in return after one year. Regardless of the miners with the highest profitability, the average mining profit of TOP mainnet miners has exceeded 760%, which is equivalent to investing less than 5 CNY a day to rent a server, and get 12,000 CNY in return after one year.



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