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TOP Network Bi-weekly Report: March 2, 2022 — March 15, 2022

Tech Progress

TOP Chain

1. The TOP mainnet V1.3.0 version (optimized TPS, security) has been developed, tested and accepted. The version is expected to debut on March 16.

2. The V1.4.0 version of the TOP mainnet (optimizing real-time performance and data cutting efficiency and modifying loopholes) has been launched, and the development is expected to be completed on March 30.

Note: The iteration cycle for minor version development is one month.

3. Completion of the second model of TOP-compatible Ethereum specifications and contracts: The feasibility of deep integration of WASM virtual machine and EVM virtual machine has been verified; the model stage is completed, and it is expected to officially enter the development of Ethereum-compatible sharding next weekend stage.

4. The model development of the decentralized cross-chain bridge project between the Ethereum ecosystem and the TOP ecosystem has been delayed. The main problem is that the Solidity contract on the Ethereum side lacks an API that can directly verify TOP’s block and receipt proofs. Therefore, a new relay chain needs to be introduced. At present, the model of cross-chain asset flow has not been completed, and it is expected to take another 2 weeks.

Community Activity

  1. On March 12, the TOP Network community spontaneously organized an activity to climb the top of a dormant volcano. Through this activity, not only the friendship between community friends has been enhanced, but also the spirit of “Be The TOP” has been spread to more people.

2. TOP Network community members made several videos about TOP on Youtube channels in Turkish and Russian respectively, actively promoting TOP Network to more people.

Find the videos from Youtube👇

TOP is officially supported swap between TOP chain, BSC, and HECO chain!


📌Check Tutorial Here.

TOP contract address on BSC and HECO: 0x16De6497292ca52D10038c641BD1d518113a51Dc

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