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TOP Network Bi-weekly Report: May 11, 2022 — May 24, 2022

Tech Progress

TOP Chain

  1. For TOP’s project of being compatible with the Ethereum specification and EVM virtual machine, the first round of acceptance is completed. There are still some bugs and compatibility issues to be solved. In early June, the code freeze is expected to be done and version 1.5.0 will be released.
  2. The ERC20 token and TOP native token specifications have been integrated and accepted, and there are still some problems to be fixed. code freeze is expected to be done at the end of May and new code will be released along with version 1.5.0 in June.
  3. The 3rd milestone of the decentralized cross-chain bridge project between Ethereum and the TOP ecosystem has been completed. The two-way commissioning between the Ethereum chain and the TOP chain has been finished.

Recent Updates

TOP Network was invited as a guest speaker at the FIL Austin Summit hosted by the Filecoin Foundation. The conference will be held on June 7–8 in Texas, USA. TOP will discuss with other ecological participants the implementation of Web3 and the Metaverse, as well as how to build an on-chain ecosystem.

At the same time, Steve, our CEO, will also deeply communicate with the Filecoin Foundation on the future development of Filet and the cooperation with Filecoin as a senior consultant.

Filet ( is currently launching the Filecoin blind box, anyone who is interested in it can open Filet in the HiWallet wallet and check out the details.

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