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TOP Network Bi-Weekly Report: September 14 - September 27, 2022

Technology Progress

1. The generation, distribution, and access security reinforcement of the Key, critical to the deployment of the Ethereum cross-chain bridge contract, has been developed and accepted, and the private key replacement will be carried out in October.

2. After the ETH merge, the PoS mechanism was applied. TOP Bridge will support PoW and PoS mechanisms to check the validity of ETH blocks. The testing and acceptance are about to complete around mid-October.

3. TOP mainnet version 1.7.0 progress: Completed the third milestone. The next step will be focused on performance tuning, stability, and exception testing. Version 1.7.0 is expected to be released around Oct 15.

4. NFT cross-chain DApp development has been started, and the basic product form has been determined.

5. Web3 NFT infrastructure layer: The top-level security bottom-line design has been completed. The next step is to do the overall outline design under the premise of security design.

Important Notice

The TOP security team is now in the final stage of security reinforcement. We plan to carry out information collection around mid-October. In addition, we will orderly open the data ports in order of priority. TOP Staking data will display normally in HiWallet then. Please stay tuned and thanks for your understanding.

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