TOP Network Biweekly Report: January 10, 2024 -January 23, 2024

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Technical Progress

  1. Web3 Framework Part One: The Web3 game framework, which integrates the TOP SDK, has completed H5 game access and the clearing and settlement system. It has been handed over to the project team for use. Moving forward, the TOP mainchain will only provide technical consultation services.
  2. Web3 Framework Part Two: A cross-chain, universal DAO governance system built on TOP chain has been fully completed and deployed online.
  3. Web3 Framework Part Three: The SocialFi framework based on the TOP chain has demonstrated its overall capabilities(demo), and has been handed over to the ecosystem project team for use. The TOP mainchain will also only provide technical consultation services moving forward.
  4. TOP Mainnet Version v1.15.0: The bugs reported by users and partners have been fixed (mostly edge node or application layer bugs, with no impact on chain security). The contents of this version have been finalized.
  5. The R&D resources of the TOP main chain have gradually shifted toward the main direction of TOP’s AI side chain. The focus is on the combination of open AI computing power and AI model networks integrated with blockchain technology.

How to be a Miner?

Miners are accounts that run TOP Network nodes and earn TOP tokens.
Nodes are computers or servers that provide computing, storage, and routing capabilities in the TOP Network. Different networks correspond to different types of nodes, such as edge nodes of edge networks. Since a computer or server can join different networks, it can serve as multiple types of nodes.
If you want to become a miner, simply follow these steps: Configure the cloud host ->Install TOPIO and create TOP address-> Register as a miner ->Start node to join the network.
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In most PoS structure, the only factor that determines whether a node is eligible to join the network is the minimum deposit.

TOP expands this concept into what we call Comprehensive Stake. Comprehensive stake takes into account multiple factors to determine how likely a node is to participate in consensus.

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TOP Network Official Account
TOP Network

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