TOP Network Biweekly Report: May 29, 2024 -June 11, 2024

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2 min readJun 12, 2024

Technical Progress

  1. The product team conducted an in-depth analysis of the current explorations and directions of the AI team. Based on this, they designed an updated version of the website and organized other related content updates. The official update will be coordinated with UI design to ensure high-quality delivery of all content, ultimately creating a new website that balances both content and design aesthetics.
  2. After completing the technical verification for medium model training and decentralized computing power, we collaborated with the AI Lab team to co-develop the core function planning for future incubation cooperation projects. This includes model provision, computing power support, AI agent assembly design and operating environment, and development tools. We aim for AI application developers to overcome all technical and cost barriers related to AI large models and computing power on this platform, allowing them to focus on application service development.

Marketing Operations

1. New Introduction of TOP Network

“TOP Network is dedicated to serving a large number of ordinary users, ensuring a high-demand user experience, and supporting cost-sensitive large-scale real businesses. It aims to become the blockchain infrastructure of the decentralized physical infrastructure network (DePIN) guided by AI computing power.

The core businesses within the TOP Network ecosystem include Web3.0, DePIN, and the Metaverse. These businesses require high transaction throughput, fast speeds, low fees, and excellent user experience. TOP Chain employs sharding technology and a three-layer network to build a powerful public chain with low costs, low entry barriers, and high throughput. This infrastructure is highly adaptable and can meet the real-time performance needs of B-end businesses.”

The TOP team has updated information on over 20 platforms. Please note that some updates may be delayed. We are seeking more market collaborations. Partners, please contact us at

2. Twitter Campaign

As TOP embarks on its AI journey, we want to connect with more friends and hear your needs regarding AI. We’re holding a small bounty on Twitter, asking what you would want from a crypto AI bot. For example, you could ask about information on crypto projects, price trends, or similar crypto projects.

Please share your thoughts under our Twitter thread and give us some ideas. Your contribution is much appreciated.

One lucky winner will be chosen. Announcement on June 17th!


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TOP Network Official Account
TOP Network

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