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TOP Network Biweekly Report: Sep 15-Sep 28, 2021

Tech Progress

TOP Chain

1. The integration progress of the latest version of BitVPN App and TOP mainnet: the development of credits in the app and TOP token conversion function is completed.

2. Progress of the side chain service platform: The system contract related to the side chain service has been basically adjusted, and the node election contract needs to be modified and tested.

3. Progress of TOP V1.2.4: The I/O optimization of State Store and Block Store of TOP main chain has completed the first part. I/O has obvious benefits and TPS has also been improved by 10% under the same environment.

4. Progress of dynamic cropping of TOP node data: Block Store’s automatic cropping solution #1 found that the performance was not up to standard after prototype verification, and a new design solution was made to verify it.

5. Discovered and solved the loophole that the next part of the node may not receive the message when the node rotates.

6. Optimized the full-node transaction query mechanism, which can trigger synchronization to obtain missing information faster, especially when the node is restarting.

Upcoming Event

On October 13th, TopBlocks, a North-American based computing service provider which was funded by TOP Network, will be invited to participate in the “2021 World Blockchain Submit” under the guidance of the Office of the Cyberspace Administration of China, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the Shenzhen Government and hosted by the Shenzhen Municipal Administration of Communications.

The conference will be held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on October 13–15, 2021. This exhibition will invite 100+ high-tech companies to exhibit in the same hall, and a number of blockchain application achievements will be displayed in a concentrated manner; more than 100 experts, scholars, and industry leaders from the government, associations, scientific research institutions and other organizations will also be invited to gather In one session, we will discuss the development topics of cutting-edge high-tech concepts such as blockchain technology. TOP Network will also be exhibited in this submit.

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