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TOP Network Biweekly Report: September 22-October 5

It’s been more than two months since TOP Network came out of stealth mode. The project has been going smoothly. Our community is growing fast and the team is expanding as well. We’ve also been raising investment and establishing partnership with industry leaders. Meanwhile, we’re hosting a blockchain night on Oct. 16 at Stanford University featuring keynote speeches and the official launch of our Testnet! Here is the update on our recent progress.

I. Upcoming Events

TOP Network is partnering with CEO Club at Stanford on Oct. 16 to host a night featuring top blockchain projects in Silicon Valley. Eric Yuan, founder of Zoom Video Communications, will talk about how he started as an early employee of WebEx and became the most popular CEO in the U.S according to a list by Glassdoor. We will launch TOP Testnet officially and kick off the first round of node recruitment. Click here to earn tokens up to $1,000! FREE food and drink provided!

II. Technical Development

  1. Completed the signature and integrity verification for the decentralized node system. Verified technical design and details of implementation.
  2. Optimized the processing of consensus modules for network fluctuation and out-of-order packets. The current version can handle all the extreme circumstances in 30 minutes when packets are out of order.
  3. Improve the Web-Wallet Client and optimized the integration of Testnet and Bounty Program.
  4. Completed network deployment of 3 zones and 6 shards.
  5. Continued pressure test and unit test, especially the tests for multi-zone, multi-shard, multi-layer P2P network. Found new bugs after another round test for codes and features and fixed P1/P2 bugs.

III. Community Activities

1. Our community is growing fast. The number of members in our official Telegram has reached 4,800. Members are actively bringing up questions and participating in discussions.

2. We celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day in China with our community members in the past two weeks. The open communication services provided by TOP enables people around the world to connect with their families and friends wherever they are.

IV. Partners

Blockchain venture capital Consensus Lab announced its strategic investment in TOP Network. Founded by Feng Wang, who is also the founder of Mars Blockchain, a blockchain and cryptocurrency news platform, Consensus Lab is a venture capital focusing on investment, incubation and research in blockchain projects. Earlier this year, TOP Network closed a $6 million series A round, investors including Fenbushi Capital, Danhua Capital (DHVC), NEO Global Capital and LD Capital.

V. Team

A new team member Lauren Feng joined TOP Network as a community manager. Lauren graduated from Shantou University with a bachelor’s degree in international journalism. She has experience in news reporting and marketing, and interned at China National Radio Guangdong Branch and Ding Xiang Yuan. She is responsible for community operations at TOP.

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About TOP Network

TOP Network is a decentralized open communication network providing cloud communication services such as messaging, calling, video, VPN, CDN, IoT data sharing and more. Enabled by blockchain 4.0 technology, TOP Network is secure, low cost and unstoppable.

TOP is also a high-performance public blockchain platform designed for enabling real-world business on blockchain. With its three-layered ledgers, two-layered sharding, instant transaction, and zero transaction fees, TOP can process any volume and any size of real-world business on blockchain.

TOP Network originated from the common underlying network layer of three communication apps built by the TOP team in the past. These three apps will be moved to TOP Network immediately after TOP is launched. With over 50 million users combined, they will bring a huge volume of transactions to the TOP ecosystem. Particularly, TOP will become a proven public blockchain platform that can handle millions of DAU and hundred thousands of TPS.

TOP was founded by Steve and his colleagues in late 2017. Steve is a successful serial entrepreneur. He was one of the earliest employees of WebEx. After WebEx, he founded a successful video conferencing software company which was acquired by Huawei in 2010.

With a world-class team of over 100 developers, we are building TOP Network to become the public network infrastructure layer for all apps.

We have closed $8 million early investment from prestigious institutional investors and individual billionaire investors, including DHVC, Fenbushi Capital, NEO Global Capital, Ontology Global Capital (OGC), LD Capital and more.



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