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TOP Network Mainnet Launch | Bringing Millions of Users To Blockchain

Main Net Launch Event

We are extremely excited to announce that on November 8th, we will officially launch the TOP Network mainnet at the second “World Blockchain Conference” held in Wuzhen, China. Partners, top media outlets, and investors will all come together to witness the event which will transform the blockchain industry — the launch of TOP Chain!

At the conference, TOP Network CEO Steve Wei along with other co-founders will share the development progress along with all the technological breakthroughs TOP has achieved with hundreds of industry peers. Additionally, more than a dozen heavyweight professionals from the space in investment, media, government, and more will be in attendance.

The Journey

Two years ago, TOP Network set out with the vision to build the first completely open, decentralized communication network powered by blockchain technology. The goal was to utilize blockchain to decentralise communications, and allow developers to easily integrate cloud communications functions into their apps without needing to set up a complicated communications infrastructure.

However, after pouring over whitepapers and trialing Ethereum along with many other public blockchains, we quickly realized that no existing public chain could possibly meet the needs of the communications industry, which led us to develop our own public chain.

Starting from scratch, TOP invested heavily into research and development, and with a large development team, we moved faster than any other project. As the platform started to take shape, we realized we had something very special. Not only could TOP Chain support cloud communications services, but also numerous other sectors which have been desperately searching for a public chain that can actually support their applications. Thus, we expanded our vision to include the first general purpose public chain truly capable of supporting real-world businesses.

Like projects such as Ethereuem 2.0, TOP Network identified sharding as the most promising scaling avenue. Of course, sharding is no simple task, and there were hiccups along the way. For reference, Ethereum — the largest public chain project in the world — is attempting to implement sharding, and they do not expect to launch fully until 2022.

Indeed, Ethereum 2.0 is hailed as the holy grail of public chains, and yet TOP Network was able to accomplish the same goals as Ethereum 2.0 and more years ahead of their schedule. This is a massive achievement considering TOP Network started development in late 2017, three years after Ethereum.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of the development team, TOP is now set to make history by releasing the first truly decentralized and permissionless high-performance public chain capable of supporting real-world businesses!

With that being said, let’s take a look at what’s to come.

The TOP Network Near Term Roadmap: What Lies Ahead

Just two years after initially conceiving the vision, the development of the mainnet is essentially complete. Adhering to the ethos of decentralization, we have begun the process of open-sourcing the core code.

The TOP Network node recruitment program has already begun, and we will release cross-chain staking shortly after the mainnet is released. For security purposes, the Native token will not be used in the early stages of mainnet. Some time after the initial launch, a mapping process from TOP ERC-20/BEP-2 tokens to the TOP Native token will take place.

Beyond Mainnet: Ushering In The Era of Blockchain Mass Adoption

The current state of the DApp space is dismal. Even the most popular blockchain applications have woefully low DAU numbers totaling in the thousands, and this does not seem to be trending positively. This will all change after the release of TOP’s mainnet.

Once the mainnet is deemed stable, TOP Network will begin porting its existing applications onto TOP Chain. The first DApp to be ported will be BitVPN, which will quickly bring millions of users onto TOP Chain. After BitVPN, the next DApps to be ported onto TOP Chain will be Dingtone, SkyVPN, and CoverME. All together, these apps will bring in 80 million real users to the TOP Network ecosystem, which is unheard of in the blockchain space. This influx of users will make TOP Network a multi-million dollar ecosystem in terms of value flow, which will attract more node operators, users, and DApp developers alike. A bright future lies ahead!

Just The Beginning

The launch of TOP Network’s mainnet is not the end goal, but only the beginning. The exciting parts are what comes next. In addition to our existing apps, the TOP Network product teams have been hard at work developing new applications to run on TOP Chain, particularly in the gaming department. We’ll release more information about these DApps later.

Once the power of TOP Chain is demonstrated through our own DApps, the possibilities become endless. TOP Network can not only revolutionize the communications industry, but also so many others. With a scalable, permissionless, and decentralized public chain, an open communications infrastructure, and a starting point of 80 million users, the potential for creating world-changing applications is immense.

This is all made even more poignant by the recent endorsement of blockchain technology by the Chinese government. As a public chain project based in Silicon Valley that has technical development branches in China, TOP Network is set to fulfill the application of “blockchain+” proposed by the Chinese government.

We are extremely grateful to the community who has stuck with us through this journey, and we are looking forward to changing the world together!




TOP Network is a decentralized blockchain ecosystem composed of public blockchain, DApps & decentralized communication.

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TOP Network Official Account

TOP Network Official Account

TOP Network is a decentralized blockchain ecosystem composed of public blockchain, DApps & decentralized communication. Website:

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