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TOP Network Officially Launched Mainnet, Bringing Millions of Users to the “Blockchain+” Application Platform

After two years of relentless development, we officially launched TOP Mainnet at the second “World Blockchain Conference” held in Wuzhen, China on Nov. 8! Boosted by the recent blockchain endorsement by the Chinese government, this summit is unprecedently successful and has attracted thousands of attendees in China and around the world.

TOP fans took photos with with our adorable mascot Toppie while waiting in line to check-in, and right before 2pm, the conference room was fully packed.

Let’s take a close look at the highlights of the event!

TOP Ecosystem: From closed-loop to open

TOP CEO Steve made an opening speech and talked about our ultimate goal of creating an open, transparent decentralized ecosystem for all DApps. “The ultimate goal of our closed-loop ecosystem is to create an open ecosystem,” said Steve. With that in mind, we are going all out to build a full-stack closed-loop ecosystem that incorporates a public chain platform, a service layer, DApps, decentralized games, a cryptocurrency wallet, and a cryptocurrency exchange all developed by our in-house developers.

According to Steve, there are four reasons why we started with the closed-loop ecosystem.

  • Only DApps developed by our in-house team can provide the best user experience.
  • Only DApps developed by our in-house team can advance the development of the ecosystem to handle real-world business.
  • Only when we have built a closed-loop ecosystem that is able to handle real-world business can we attract developers capable of building substantive DApps in our ecosystem.
  • After the closed-loop ecosystem has a sufficient user base, we will be able to bring the traffic to the DApps developed by third-party developers. For example, we can promote a DApp in our ecosystem cryptocurrency wallet with one-click.

TOP Chain: A platform for real-world business

Following the overall picture of TOP ecosystem delivered by Steve, TOP CTO Taylor introduced the technological breakthroughs of TOP Chain.

“TOP was originally planning to build a decentralized communication network, like a decentralized WeChat. However, we didn’t find a public chain capable of handling our decentralized communication service and had to build one by ourselves,” said Taylor, elaborating on how we landed on the boat of building a three-layer, full-stack decentralized platform.

“While we were porting our decentralized Apps to the blockchain, we realized that merely a public chain was insufficient for the decentralized real-world business. We decided to build a decentralized platform consisting of a public chain as the underlying infrastructure, the service layer, and DApps.”

TOP innovated five technological breakthroughs to build a robust, high-performance public chain platform.

  • pBFT-PoS* consensus mechanism, which differs TOP from those DPoS public chains like EOS, Tron, Cosmos, and more. TOP is a truly permissionless decentralized public chain that sets no limit to the number of nodes.
  • Scaling on Layer 0, Layer 1, and Layer 2
  • Elastic scaling and linear sharding
  • Three-layered network — edge network, routing network, and consensus network- that ensures higher security
  • Consensus mechanism designed to verify real-time transactions

In terms of technological breakthroughs, TOP has made all that Ethereum 2.0 planned — sharding, beacon chain, smart contracts — come into fruition at least two years ahead of Ethereum. TOP senior researcher Charles articulately went through the comparison between TOP Chain and Ethereum 2.0, and highlighted the technical differences in layered sharding, nodes and incentives, data structure, network architecture, which TOP has been striding at a faster and more intense pace.

TOP Staking: A zero-risk staking campaign that guarantees your returns in terms of fiat money

Along with TOP Mainnet launch, we officially unveiled our staking campaign, which plays a crucial part in the on-chain governance in TOP ecosystem. TOP CMO Noah walked us through the enticing staking campaign for both node operators and individual token holders.

Since TOP is a permissionless ecosystem, there is no limit for the number of nodes to join the network, nor a high technical barrier for node operators. More notably, all the dividends will be allocated in a transparent, decentralized way powered by smart contracts. Individual token holders will never lose their deposit even if the nodes they vote go malicious.

TOP also officially announced the strategic partnership with mining pools including Midu, CoinW, and DappBird. The official start of our staking campaign will begin soon.

“Blockchain+”: The prosperous future is not far

The application of “blockchain+”, proposed by President Xi at the 18th collective study of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee on Oct. 24, was set to be the highlighted topic throughout the whole conference. While TOP is deemed to be an avant-guard in “blockchain+communication”, we invited four prestigious industry leaders to our panel for a further discussion. Our panelists included: Mr. Xiaojun Zhang, leader of blockchain project at Huawei, Mr. Dao Yuan, chairman of the Zhongguancun Blockchain Industry Alliance, Mr. Bo Zhu, founder of Midu and Dream Chase fund, and Mr. Lao Li, chief operation officer at CoCo finance.

There are two components of the concept “blockchain+” — “blockchain+technology” and “blockchain+application”, said Mr. Xiaojun Zhang at the panel. Blockchain can make substantial use cases only when it’s integrated with other technologies like 5G, AI, Big Data, IoT, and more. The application of blockchain in various industries depends on the add-on value it creates. “Blockchain can add to everything,” said Mr. Xiaojun Zhang, emphasizing that the key of “blockchain+” is to focus on the nature of this technology and its potential to create more value.

As time was ticking towards the end of the conference, we dug deeper into the conversation about cryptocurrency investment. Our panel speakings — Mr. Wenbo Yu, managing director of Fenbushi Capital, Ms. Liaoliao Zhang, founding partner of OneBoat Capital, Mr. Kevin Ding, managing director of DHVC, and Mr. Shihao Chen, managing director of NEO Global Capital — shared their perspectives on how to invest the right blockchain projects at the right time in terms of the recent governmental policies proposing the acceleration of blockchain development.

Amazingly, CGTN(Chinese Global Television Network) gave an interview with Steve Wei, TOP Network CEO at site.

We’ve been striving for the “blockchain+” future for the past two years, regardless of the market going up or down, bullish or bearish, and we finally arrived here, to deliver a promise to our investors, partners, and communities. But the Mainnet launch is never an end.

“Some people said that the mainnet launch is ‘The Beginning of the End’ as many of the projects didn’t make any breakthrough in their ecosystem after they launched the mainnet,” said Steve. “TOP has established the layout of the ecosystem before our mainnet launch, and the release of our Mainnet will then bring millions of users to make TOP a prosperous platform. We have the confidence that TOP’s Mainnet launch is The Beginning of the Beginning.”



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