TOP Network Unveils Advisory Board: Zoom Founder Eric Yuan, Former FICO CEO Mark Greene, Roger Lim of NGC and Kevin Hsu of BlockVC

We’re thrilled to announce our advisory board consisting of prominent experts. TOP Network has not only put a huge amount of effort into technical development, but also expanded our team with renowned advisors from communications, blockchain and financial industry.

Eric Yuan, founder and CEO of Zoom Video Communications, joined TOP Network as advisor. In the 1990s, Yuan, one of the early employees of WebEx, worked with Steve Wei, now founder and CEO of TOP Network, on the development of the legendary video conferencing application before it was sold to Cisco in 2007.

“The reason why I came here today is I have known Steve for many years since 1996,” said Yuan, speaking at an event to celebrate the official launch of TOP Network Testnet at Stanford University on Oct. 16. “When we were working at WebEx, all the core technology work, complex stuff, features were all done by Steve. I really admired him back then.”

Yuan served as VP of Engineering at Cisco for four years after the acquisition and founded Zoom in 2011. He ranked as the most favorable CEO in the U.S. this year according to a survey by Glassdoor. Yuan will bring to TOP extensive insights in the communications industry from both the technical and managerial aspects.

Mark Greene, former CEO of FICO, the data analytics company best known for its credit score services, also became advisor at TOP Network.

“What TOP Network is doing here with blockchain is bringing real-world benefit to the crypto, hybrid transactions,” said Mark Greene. “I’m going to help them by introducing this to the U.S. marketplace. This is an emerging section that’s already very well-known in China, but new here in the U.S. How do we establish partnerships with the go-to-market organizations and system integrators that can be helpful here in the U.S.? And how do we get to open the publicity?”

TOP Network advisory team is also backed by notable crypto investors including Roger Lim, founding partner of NEO Global Capital (NGC), one of TOP’s earliest investors, and Kevin Hsu, founder of BlockVC.

Roger Lim has worked in venture capitals and information technology industries for decades. Serving as advisor for multiple high-performance blockchain projects, Lim specializes in investment and management in the crypto field.

Kevin Hsu, founder of BlockVC, a leading blockchain investment and digital asset management firm, focuses exclusively on blockchain investment and crypto trading.

With the expertise from our advisory board, TOP Network will better leverage resources in technical innovation, community operations, marketing and business development. We’re teaming up to achieve our goal — to build a decentralized open communication ecosystem on the blockchain, and we welcome more talents and blockchain evangelists to join TOP team!