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TOP Network Biweekly Report: November 4-17

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Technical Development

  • Completed technical and operational development prepared for the Mainnet launch event in collaboration with the marketing team.
  • Conducted and reviewed plans to migrate DApps including BitVPN and blockchain games from TOP Testnet to Mainnet.
  • Conducted and reviewed the next-stage plans and strategies for TOP Main Chain, Side Chain, and Cross-Chain development.
  • Fixed most of the dominant bugs of the blockchain explorer, and optimized tools for operation and maintenance.
  • Started the second phase of the decentralized distributed storage and decentralized distributed databases on the TOP public chain platform.


  • We kicked off a campaign to give away free iPhone for TOP token buyers in collaboration with our ecosystem cryptocurrency exchange FlashEx. Those who have bought and locked up over 340,000 TOP between Nov. 11 and 20 on FlashEx will have a chance to win a free or discounted iPhone. TOP will also guarantee their returns in fiat currency regardless of the dropped token price. Click here to learn more.
  • We officially launched the long-awaited Staking campaign following our Mainnet unveil. To participate in TOP Staking, users can either operate nodes on TOP Mainnet as miners or simply lock up their tokens to vote for nodes. Participants can earn up to 60% annual return through mining and 20% annual return through voting. Moreover, there is no barrier to entry for voters, and their stakes are 100% guaranteed even if the nodes they vote for are slashed due to malicious behavior. Read TOP Staking Handbook to learn more.


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