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2 min readJul 2, 2024

Two weeks ago, TOP Network officially announced the establishment of TOP AI Lab, aiming to pivot TOP Chain towards AI infrastructure and incubate AI-related projects. The TOP mainnet launched in 2020, and native staking began in 2021. With over 500 nodes and more than 2 billion TOP staked, the mainnet’s stable operation is well-supported.

In 2023, the explosive growth of generative AI brought about a significant productivity revolution, benefiting numerous companies and individuals. TOP made swift adjustments. These adjustments are not merely following trends but are based on a precise self-assessment to find the right entry point.

In the current blockchain ecosystem, there is noticeable homogenization, with many public chains offering similar functions and services. However, TOP Chain has several unique advantages that make it promising for sustained development in the AI direction.


TOP already has a group of high-quality partners, some of whom provide real devices and computing power, while others are deeply engaged in AI application layers, naturally requiring models and computing power. These partners lay a solid foundation for TOP Chain to quickly link computing power and AI applications.

Business Handling Capability

TOP Chain relies on a three-layer network structure and scalable sharding technology, ensuring it can handle real-time, high-liquidity businesses, making it particularly suitable for AI-oriented applications.

Native Technical Support

TOP Chain’s concurrent consensus mechanism supports a large number of accounts and contracts to produce blocks simultaneously, enabling rapid transactions and achieving second-level consensus experiences, thereby meeting the needs of real business. Additionally, TOP Chain has achieved horizontal sharding expansion, supporting elastic scaling of the chain, and offers extremely low on-chain processing costs, making it economically viable for real business support. Based on these foundational capabilities, TOP Chain can effectively support a massive number of agents and models on-chain, meeting the real-time and capacity requirements of AI businesses while significantly reducing the cost of AI chains.

These advantages provide the motivation and confidence for the team to focus on the new direction. TOP will accelerate iterations, opening up the TOP infrastructure to the market and more application scenarios, thus expanding the use cases for TOP.

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TOP Network Official Account
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