The sequel of the beloved game Psychonauts from 2005 was announced tonight at The Game Awards. Psychonauts 2 comes from mid-sized studio Double Fine Productions a developer that tends to shy away from sequels. Tim Schafer joked during his announcement that people wouldn’t stop begging him to make Psychonauts 2 followed by sharing an unforeseen but unsurprising catch: the game needs to be crowdfunded.

That’s right, if you ever want Psychonauts 2 to see the light of day, Double Fine Productions is asking the world to give them $3.3 million using a brand new crowdfunding site called Fig which allows you to personally invest in the game. That means if the game makes money, backers have the potential to make money too.

Double Fine is known for crowdfunding all their games in recent years even though they’re a capable developer. These tactics have irritated fans of their games for some time now, myself included. Still I’m not too miffed about it and plan to back the game as soon as I get some money back in my pockets. At the time of posting, the campaign has already raised $300,000.

I’m beyond excited for Psychonauts 2 as the original game is one of my favorites. In fact, my first email account as a kid was named after a character from Psychonauts.

If you’d like to help fund the game go support them over on!

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