Top Mobile App Developers in Los Angeles

Turn your mobile app idea into reality. Kick start your project with the help of Top Mobile App Developers.

Top Mobile App Developers in Los Angeles

Mobile application development means crafting software that runs on mobiles. The process includes building installable software bundles, implementing backend services and testing applications on mobile devices.

These applications are written from a new piece of code which means they need to be developed from scratch. They should also be developed as a device friendly and user-centric product.

That doesn’t seem to be an easy task and that’s why you need the best of the best in the field. For your convenience, here I have provided a list of Top Mobile App Development Companies in Los Angeles. Hoping that your search for Top Mobile App Developers in Los Angeles ends here.

This following list is compiled considering the customer reviews and the ratings from top companies reviewing platforms like Clutch, Good Firms and more.

Top Mobile App Development Companies in Los Angeles

1. Rootstrap

Rootstrap -Mobile App Development Company

Rootstrap adopts a fresh outlook to deliver unexpected results. This happens as they blend the industry knowledge, experience and perspective together. To serve your business they hire the best minds from around the world.

There is a reason that this mobile development company is said to be the best Dev studio. That being said, Rootstrap partners with the organizations in which they believe. The professionals here claim that for a successful collaboration, both sides of the business should be inspired from each other.

And when that happens, great achievements are easily accomplished. The company has already worked with some of the top brands. The experts here know that innovation is the key to successful business. And that’s how they prepare businesses for their future.

The awards won by Rootstrap is as listed below:

  • Top 1000 companies global 2020 by Clutch
  • Top mobile app developers 2020 by IT Firms
  • America’s fastest growing private companies 2019 by Inc.5000
  • Top mobile app development companies 2018 by Software world
  • Top service provider 2020 by Upcity
  • Top mobile app developers in LA 2020 by Expertise
  • Top mobile app development companies 2020 by Mobile App Daily
  • Top mobile app developers 2020 by Top Developers

If you are looking for someone that can help you design a new product right from the scratch then Rootstrap with its rich experience in designing hundreds of apps can help you refine your product.

The team of mobile app developers here can easily adopt your work culture. They are fluent in many coding languages and frameworks. The use of best industry practices and standards are made to serve you with a high-end product.

To easily fit into your work environment and deliver the product as good and as soon as possible, Rootstrap practices agile methodologies such as Scrum, Kanban, and Crystal.

Development Services:

  • Web Development
  • Mobile Development
  • UX/UI design
  • Staff augmentation
  • Emerging technology

Minimum project size: $25000+

Hourly Rates: $100 — $149

Tech Stack: React, Angular, React Native, .Net, iOS, Android, Java

Major Clientele: MasterClass, Google, Salesforce, Universal Music Group, FanBread, Cash Money Records, Spotify, Snoop Dogg, CES, Disney, Tony Robbins, Microsoft, Epson, Loftey, Ericsson, Die Antwoord, Live Nation, TikTok, Adidas

Number of employees: 51–200 employees

The establishment: 2011

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/company/rootstrap-it/

Location: Sarandí 690, 11000 Montevideo, Departamento de Montevideo, Uruguay

Clutch Review — 4.8/5 from clutch 29 reviews

Google Review — 4.7/5 from google 9 reviews

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2. Utility Nyc

Utility Nyc — Mobile App Development Company

Do you have a vision of building a high-value product?

If yes then Utility is the perfect pick for you. They focus on building applications that gain traction and succeed. The most recent awards and recognitions won by the company are:

  • Top mobile app development company 2019 by GoodFirms
  • Top mobile app developers 2019 by Clutch
  • Mobile awards top agency
  • Top app developer 2019 by the Manifest

Utility can offer your end-user an award-winning mobile experience with the combination of strategy, design and technology. It is a full end-to-end product and services agency. From strategy and design to engineering and growth, it can help you with every aspect of the product life cycle.

The development process adopted at Utility is as shown below:

  1. Research phase includes:
  • Competitor analysis
  • Stakeholder interview
  • User feedback and reviews

2. Strategy phase consists of:

  • Product planning
  • User flow definition
  • Feature list development

3. The product design phase involves:

  • Brand design
  • UX/UI design
  • Design prototype

4. Engineering phase includes:

  • Backend and API development
  • Mobile app development and web platforms
  • QA testing and analytics

5. Launch and growth consist of:

  • App store setup and approvals
  • Ongoing measurement and prioritization
  • Agile planning and release management

And the service offerings made by the company are as follows:

Custom design: Using research-backed strategies and custom product designs to craft smart solutions. Also, they go in deep to perfect every edge of UX and UI design.

Scalable applications: The experts at the company are well experienced. They skillfully develop mobile applications for Android and OS for scalability and security. They also offer custom web development services.

Launch and growth: The company officials adopt the agile methodologies to complete the projects on time and in the budget. But they don’t leave the boat from there. They help their clients to make some informed decisions by learning from real user feedback.

Nowadays, Utility is mainly focusing on designing and engineering the applications for today’s mobile-first businesses. The professionals here work on every project as if it is their own product. Their development process ensures that they offer maximum business value that too within budget and timeline.

Development Services:

  • Mobile App Development
  • Digital Strategy
  • UX/UI design
  • Virtual Reality
  • eCommerce Development

Minimum project size: $50000+

Hourly Rates: $100 — $149

Tech Stack: iOS, Android, eCommerce, Virtual Reality

Major Clientele: Airbnb, NBA, Samsung, Verizon, DirecTV, Target, Mount Sinai, TOOR (Shark Tank), Kickwheel, UrLife, SirenMD, dearduck

Number of employees: 51–200 employees

The establishment: 2013

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/company/utility-nyc-llc/

Location: 62 W 45th St 11th floor, New York, NY 10036, United States

Clutch Review — 4.8/5 from clutch 25 reviews

Google Review — 3.7/5 from google 3 reviews

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ISBX — Mobile App Development Company

Established in 2003, ISBX has a team of approximately 60 professionals that have got the expertise in building the best software and digital solutions in the world. The business team will engage with you on a day-to-day basis to help you build the high-powered solutions.

The company believes that the experience is the key ingredient to the success of the project. ISBX always stood by their work and can provide a long list of references from their trusted partners.

ISBX states that there are three key ingredients behind their success:

  • Belief -Greatness demands reinvention
  • Talent -Collaborative and driven
  • Clients -progressive and ambitious

To tap into the great pool of creativity, the team of professionals here like to ask questions, tinkers and face challenges. Until now, the team has successfully delivered the websites and applications to the businesses from fields like automotive, packaged goods, action sports, lifestyle markets, education, healthcare, enterprises, entertainment, blockchain and startups.

ISBX works closely with their clients as an extension of their team. And the clients trust them for their knowledge and experience to step in at any point of the project and continue the product life cycle.

The mobile app development company is there with you at every step of the process. They also make recommendations and help you to make the key decisions regarding the project. The only aim for the company is to avoid the pitfalls and prepare your product for success.

The complexity of your problems is stripped into parts with agile methodologies of product development. To keep up with the deadlines, the scrum framework is also followed. In this, the tasks are split up and distributed between certain teams so that the project is completed within the predetermined time-frame.

Apart from mobile app development services, ISBX also offers a full range of marketing and technology services. They would help you define your goals, devise a strategy and build an effective and responsive application. In this way, ISBX helps you communicate your message o your targeted audience.

Development Services:

  • User Experience
  • Creative Branding
  • Technology Development
  • Quality Control
  • Back Office Outsourcing

Minimum project size: $10000+

Hourly Rates: $50 — $99

Tech Stack: iOS, Android, Java, SEO

Major Clientele: Red Bull, L’oreal Paris, Science 37, Direct Derm, Clapit, Pikkup, PASCO, SoundDFi, Braincorp, Arthritis Foundation

Number of employees: 201–500 employees

The establishment: 2009

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/company/isbx/

Location: 3415 S Sepulveda Blvd Ste. 1000, Los Angeles, CA 90034, United States

Clutch Review — 5/5 from clutch 10 reviews

Google Review — 5/5 from google 10 reviews

Google Maps Location

4. Topflight

Topflight- Mobile App Development Company

Topflight is a product design company. They are a team of UX/UI designers, product designers, full-stack developers, and ex-founders. Each one of them has been hand-picked for their exceptional qualities and skills to make a product successful.

The client’s problems are solved by creating web and mobile applications in the best innovative way possible. The professionals here are passionate about bringing the purposeful idea to life. This results in financial gain and accelerated business growth.

The company motivates its employees that connects with the client’s project to bring their best in the process to help the clients achieve their business goals. Top three reasons to sign up Topflight as your next mobile app development partner are as follow:

  1. Top-tier talent
  2. In-house development
  3. Reinvested earnings

The development process through which the company help their clients is as described below:

  1. The deliverable from the Product Discovery phase can be said to be:
  • System diagram
  • Technology stack
  • User Journeys
  • Backlog of features
  • Product roadmap
  • Estimates for development

2. Rapid Prototyping includes wire-framing, prototyping, user testing, and finalizing the product. The deliverable from this stage are:

  • Design assets
  • Clickable prototype
  • User testing assets
  • Final report

3. Development and Project Management means to develop a fully functional, reliable and secure application.

4. Quality Assurance is the stage where the quality of the product has been ensured to be of the highest industry standards. The deliverable from this phase are:

  • Usability testing
  • Automate cross-device testing
  • Regression testing
  • IoT testing

5. Launch and Beyond include the launching and marketing of the final product. Further support and maintenance services are also added in this stage. The deliverable are:

  • App store launch
  • Maintenance and bug-fixes (Optional)

Topflight is on a mission to support software development and app design for non-profit. And therefore, they have to build a large array of applications for not-for-profit organizations at discount.

Development Services:

  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Healthcare
  • Fintech
  • IoT
  • Ecommerce
  • Machine Learning

Minimum project size: $25000+

Hourly Rates: $50 — $99

Tech Stack: iOS, Android, Java

Major Clientele: Addiction Recovery, Habitap, Appyperks, Tygon, Xennial Corporation, Athcorp

Number of employees: 2–10 employees

The establishment: 2015

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/company/topflightapps/

Location: 1691 Kettering St, Irvine, CA 92614, United States

Clutch Review — 5/5 from clutch 15 reviews

Google Review — 5/5 from google 6 reviews

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5. Art+Logic

Art+Logic -Mobile App Development Company

Find building applications a tough and frustrating work?

No problem, outsource it to ART+LOGIC so that you can focus freely on your priority work. This mobile app development company is famous for completing the projects that other developers find difficult or impossible to do.

At ART+LOGIC, the point of view is appreciated where opportunities to overcome business challenges are welcome. And exquisite application solutions are delivered to support the client’s business requirements. Even the other tech companies hire ART+LOGIC to solve their complex problems.

Apart from mobile application development services, this agency also offers web/cloud software development, Desktop software development, IoT, design services, consulting services and many more.

Throughout their 25 years of journey, ART+LOGIC has built a reputation as one of the most trusted, reliable and top mobile app development companies in LA. All thanks to their talented team consisting of engineers, developers, programmers, managers and quality experts. Together, they have been crafting high-end solutions for their customers.

No matter your needs, whether it is design, prototype building, team augmentation, or to build a project right from the scratch, ART+LOGIC can help you achieve your business goals. The company has adopted a milestone-driven application development process which helps them to manage the entire project with high efficiency.

Also, it helps the clients to continually examine the progress, value and usefulness of the products at incremental stages. This makes the team of mobile application developers to keep the project on budget and schedule. Milestone approach promotes the following:

  • A focused and efficient use of budget
  • Visible and verifiable progress
  • Frequent opportunities to make refinements
  • Cooperative prioritization of work
  • Successful results

The development process is divided into three phases such as:

  1. Planning includes:
  • Work Assessment
  • Requirements
  • Wire framing
  • Estimations

2. Implementation involves:

  • Design
  • Coding
  • Refactoring
  • Testing: Unit testing, regression testing, and user testing of the milestone features and functionality.
  • Bug fixing

3. Delivery consists of:

  • Planning documents or UI mock ups for approval
  • Staging release for interim feedback
  • Alpha release for usability testing
  • Beta release for end-user feedback
  • Production-ready installer

Since its inception in 1991, ART+LOGIC has been serving its clients from a diverse range of industries like education, aerospace, music technology, consumer electronics, entertainment, financial services, and more.

Development Services:

  • Software Development
  • Design Services
  • Software Security
  • IoT
  • Database Administration

Minimum project size: $10000+

Hourly Rates: $150 — $199

Tech Stack: iOS, Android, Node, React, Angular, Vue, React Native, Laravel, RoR

Major Clientele: Undisclosed

Number of employees:51–200 employees

The establishment: 1991

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/company/art-&-logic/

Location: 87 N Raymond Ave STE 531, Pasadena, CA 91103, United States

Clutch Review — 4.5/5 from clutch 5 reviews

Google Review — 2.3/5 from google 3 reviews

Google Maps Location

6. NextwareTechnologies

NextwareTechnologies -Mobile App Development Company

Nextware Technologies offer full range services for software development, application development and IT services. Because the team at the firm specializes in building every digital product including custom web applications, mobile apps, IoT products and solutions.

You can run your business effortlessly with the help of their software implementation, business process automation, software integration and cloud hosting, consultancy and quality assurance and testing services.

This mobile application development company has been awarded and recognized for:

  • Top software developers 2019 by Clutch
  • Top software development company by GoodFirms
  • Best mobile app developers in Los Angeles in 2020 by Expertise
  • Top software developers in the United States in 2019 by TechReviewer
  • Top mobile app developers USA 2020 by TopDevelopers

The expert’s passion for software and application development breathes life into strong relationships with their clients. By serving businesses from startups to Fortune 500 companies Nextware Technologies has a rich experience in dealing with the complicated IT problems.

Here, you can get a custom application as well as an off-the-shelf product, whatever meets your business objectives. Nextware has you covered as their experts can deliver solutions for any platform. And with their cloud migration and cloud hosting services, you can reduce your system costs while maintaining similar functionality and efficiency.

In terms of collaboration approach; Nextware has adopted two methodologies that are implemented as per the project requirements. The two approaches are discussed below:

The first one is the Waterfall approach. It consists of two phases:

  1. Project Opening
  • Project setup
  • Kick-off meetings

2. Project Closing

  • Complete documentation
  • Client approval and signoff
  • Document lessons learned
  • Team release
  • Final billing

The waterfall approach is a linear method.

While the second approach is agile. This methodology also has two phases but the difference here is that they are cyclical.

  1. Execution
  • Ongoing meetings
  • Task breakdown
  • Prioritization
  • Quality assurance
  • Research
  • Training
  • Documentation

2. Monitoring

  • Impediments
  • Risks
  • Budgeting
  • Retrospectives
  • Product visioning
  • Backlog grooming
  • Time tracking
  • Reviews and demo

Nextware doesn’t think like their job is done when they deliver the product. No, they stand by their product with 24/7 support and maintenance services.

Development Services:

  • Software Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Design Services
  • IoT
  • Consulting Services

Minimum project size: Undisclosed

Hourly Rates: $100 — $149

Tech Stack: iOS, Android, Software Testing, E-commerce, Java

Major Clientele: Landor, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories, American Red Cross, Intellect, CostTree

Number of employees:51–200 employees

The establishment: 2006

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/company/nextware-technologies/

Location: 100 Wilshire Blvd #700, Santa Monica, CA 90401, United States

Clutch Review — 4.8/5 from clutch 7 reviews

Google Review — 5/5 from google 7 reviews

Google Maps Location

7. AnyAlpha

AnyAlpha -Mobile App Development Company

As a mobile app development services provider, AnyAlpha understands that they need to stay updated with emerging technologies and latest market trends. And that’s why the company professionals are fluent with cutting-edge technologies of the industry.

Because the company personnel believes that having such knowledge can help you devise new strategies and formulate some better plans. Taking your business to the next level is what they thrive for.

And that has enabled the expert team consisting of developers and designers to build engaging and powerful websites and applications. AnyAlpha also offers a platform to the companies who need some finance. The platform provided by the company helps you to find investors that can understand and invest in your business.

AnyAlpha believes that a business runs well if it has good partners. And the partners can come along well if they are driven by similar interests. This could make the task easier and make way for various opportunities.

In a short span of 7 years in business, AnyAlpha has launched 35 successful products. Even though the company has approximately 53% of remote employees from the total. This mobile app development company in LA also offers services for UI/UX, web development, digital marketing, animation graphics design, database, CMS/CRM.

AnyAlpha has served clients from various industries like casino games, healthcare, food and beverages, hospitality and travel. The company offers its mobile application development services to all these industries. They do all from app development to marketing for it.

You can get mobile applications for any platforms such as android, ios, or hybrid. The technology stack used for the mobile app development will include Flutter, Xamarin, React Native, Ionic, Cordova, Corona SDK, and Appceletor Titanium.

Development Services:

  • Web Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Database Management

Minimum project size: $1000+

Hourly Rates: <$25

Tech Stack: iOS, Android, Node, React, Vue, React Native, eCommerce, Java

Major Clientele: AEpiphany, Medville, Mizen Place, MyResidentLinc, Playsav, RecallIT, Scanfit, DealSite, Grupo CCR, Docademic, Enviromerica

Number of employees: 11–50 employees

The establishment: 2012

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/company/anyalpha/

Location: 1261 Locust St, Walnut Creek, CA 94596, United States

Clutch Review — Undisclosed

Google Review — 5/5 from google 1 review

Google Maps Location

8. Expedition

Expedition -Mobile App Development Company

Expedition is a group of explorers -a tight-knit crew consisting of designers, developers and strategists. The people here are super confident in their abilities to solve complex problems. They wouldn’t leave any stone unturned to help you achieve your business goals.

The services offered at Expedition are as follows:

Product strategy includes services like:

  • Brand experience
  • Content planning
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Product management

The design consists of services such as:

  • User experience
  • User interfaces
  • Information infrastructure
  • Wire framing and prototype
  • User flows

Web development involves:

  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • Adobe experience manager
  • System and server Ops
  • Project management

Mobile app development includes:

  • iOS development
  • Android development

The team of professionals at the company are said to be very collaborative. They make collaboration seamless and professional. They also help their clients to build applications with impressive design and functionality. That strongly reflects the business and its message.

The unique thing about the Expedition team is that they adapt to their client’s style. They believe that clear communication and extremely hard work are the keys to deliver extraordinary results to their clients. And the team’s ability to prioritize the user journey is the hallmark of their work.

The experts at the company have always demonstrated great efforts in developing solutions which resulted in quick turnaround time. They have been able to fulfill any client’s requests with their industry knowledge. Expedition proactively sets the deadlines and has never failed to meet them.

Development Services:

  • Ecommerce Web Application
  • iOS & Android Web Application
  • UI/UX Design
  • Software Development
  • Mobile App Design

Minimum project size: $50000+

Hourly Rates: $100 — $149

Tech Stack: iOS, Android, Node, React, React Native, eCommerce

Major Clientele: Hewlett-Packard, Hyundai, Staples Center, Beatstoc, Pub Creative, GP Strategies

Number of employees: 11–50 employees

The establishment: 2018

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/company/the-expedition-co/

Location: 30943 Via Rivera, Rancho Palos Verdes, California 90275, US

Clutch Review — 4.9/5 from clutch 15 reviews

Google Review — NA

Google Maps Location

9. Sidebench

Sidebench- Mobile App Development Company

Sidebench is on a mission to transform human-technology interaction by exploring the uncharted territories. And intending to leave an impact in the industry that lasts beyond any product. With immense talent and capabilities, they act upon a bigger picture for their clients.

This LA-based award-winning company creates UX/UI designs, mobile applications and customized software solutions with unique value and expertise to completely reinvent the industries. From streamlining the processes for various government entities to building the user-centric application for top consumer brands, they have done it all within their diverse portfolio.

Along with the huge client base, the company gets the press coverage from many popular media channels like:

  • Forbes
  • ScienceDirect
  • VoyageLA
  • Medcity News
  • Entrepreneur

Sidebench has a wide range of expertise in the areas like:

  • User research
  • Systems integration
  • UX/UI design
  • Mobile and web app development
  • HIPAA compliant products

This mobile application development company offers unique and engaging solutions for:

  1. Strategy: With a series of engaging activities, they transform clients’ ideas into reality by coming up with a solid plan of action. The professionals also unearth some strategies that could open up many business opportunities for you.
  • Product validation
  • Product design and development
  • Strategic growth and planning
  • User research
  • Competitive analysis

2. Discovery: Taking a deep dive into research and experimentation to come up with some best user-defined features and the best quality code.

  • Prototyping
  • Virtual design
  • User testing
  • User experience design
  • User interface design
  • Technical framework architecture

3. Development: This is the stage where all the ideas and designs are brought to life for some sprints. At the end of the process, you can get a fully furnished product, ready to use.

  • Frontend development
  • Backend development
  • System integration
  • Web development
  • Mobile applications development
  • Quality assurance

Development Services:

  • Mobile & Web Apps
  • HIPAA Compliant Products
  • UI/UX Design
  • Systems Integration
  • User Research

Minimum project size: $50000+

Hourly Rates: $150 — $199

Tech Stack: iOS, Android, eCommerce

Major Clientele: Microsoft Corporation, Facebook, Instagram, Red Bull, Sony Pictures, Andreessen Horowitz, NBCUniversal, Imagine Entertainment, Legendary Entertainment, United Talent Agency, Oakley, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Accel Partners, Lightspeed Ventures, Pressed Juicery, Los Angeles County, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, UCSF Clinical Innovation Center, Cedars-Sinai, American Heart Association,

Number of employees: 11–50 employees

The establishment: 2012

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/company/sidebench/

Location: 2912 Colorado Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90404, United States

Clutch Review — 4.9/5 from clutch 32 reviews

Google Review — 5/5 from google 3 reviews

Google Maps Location

10. VisionWebPPC

VisionWebPPC -Mobile App Development Company

VisionWeb PPC believes that a robust strategy and strong business relationships are the two keys to success. The company claims that many organizations fail to establish one or both factors but VisionWeb PPC specializes in both the fronts.

This mobile app agency is run by a team of software and internet executives. It has also been recognized as one of the most innovative search engine marketing firms. Their digital marketing services are rendered to clients across the world. The integrated suite of services includes SEM, national and local SEO, and social media marketing to help the clients build online success.

But the main reasons stated by the company officials to choose them as your next mobile application development partner over other agencies are as below:

  • 24 years of rich industry experience
  • A talented team of employees that are experts of their field.
  • Adoption of the certified and proven SEO process.

And the process to solve all your problems is as given below:

  1. Get client’s goals
  2. Realize challenges
  3. Find solutions
  4. Final results

Apart from mobile app development services, the offerings made by VisionWeb PPC are web development, eCommerce website development, SEO, Google Adwords pay per click, Google Shopping Feed Management, Yahoo Binge Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and content marketing.

VisionWeb PPC has helped businesses grow since 2001. It has also bagged some awards like:

  • 2016 Google platform innovator of the year.
  • 2016 and 2017 Google customer satisfaction champion for North America.

Development Services:

  • Web Design
  • Mobile App Development
  • Ecommerce Website Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO

Minimum project size: $1000+

Hourly Rates: <$25

Tech Stack: iOS, Android, eCommerce, Magento

Major Clientele: Undisclosed

Number of employees: 51–200 employees

The establishment: 2005

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/company/visionwebpp/

Location: 10940 Wilshire Blvd # 1600, Los Angeles, CA 90024, United States

Clutch Review — Undisclosed

Google Review — 4.6/5 from google 11 reviews

Google Maps Location

11. L+R

L+R -Mobile App Development Company

L+R is short for Levin Riegner which is an international mobile application development agency. It is on a mission to maximize the utility. The people at the company are motivated with a desire to build products with economic, social, environmental, emotional and physical benefits.

Integrity, empowerment and harmony are the three pillars of the company. And the simple process to build innovative products at L+R, the following approach is adopted:

  1. Define
  2. Ideate
  3. Prototype
  4. Build
  5. Analyze

The company officials use the strategy with critical analysis to solve the problems. While aesthetics gives pleasure and harmony. When brought together, both of them guide across the branding, design and application development.

Other services offered at L+R are as follow:

Technology design: With creativity and powerful technology, positioning your product in the market as the most compelling brand.

Branding: It is all about winning the hearts and minds or in one word -loyalty of the customers. To establish that kind of trust communication must be authentic.

Mobile development: Redefining the mobile app development industry with elegant design and engineering.

Strategy consulting: Collaborating with industry leaders to help them develop and deliver inspiring initiatives.

Research and testing: It includes the following three things;

  • Exploring the user journey
  • Identifying the usage issues
  • Creating optimal usage experience

Invention: To keep the wheels turning.

Experts at L+R have specialized in the field by serving in many industry domains such as luxury goods and fashion, B2B, non-profit organizations, consumer goods, real-estate and hospitality, retail, startups and new ventures, music and live events, manufacturing, media, fine arts, and healthcare.

By signing up to the services from L+R you can get access to the industry insights on design, technology and business.

Development Services:

  • Technology Design
  • Mobile Development
  • Branding
  • Strategy Consulting
  • Research & Testing

Minimum project size: $10000+

Hourly Rates: $200 — $300

Tech Stack: iOS, Android, React, Angular, React Native, Java

Major Clientele: Amazon Web Services, Estée Lauder Companies, Hilton Worldwide, Louis Vuitton, General Electric, Google, Unilever, Time Inc., VICE, Global Citizen, FLIR, Jammcard, Affiner, Cameo, PingMD, Bond

Number of employees: 51–200 employees

The establishment: 2012

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/company/l-r/

Location: 10000 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232, United States

Clutch Review — 5/5 from Clutch 8 reviews

Google Review — 5/5 from google 1 review

Google Maps Location

12. Baytech Consulting

Baytech Consulting -Mobile App Development Company

Are you seeking customized and skillfully crafted business applications?

People at Baytech Consulting are passionate about technology. Their proficiency is thankful to the skills and efficiency of their team of senior engineers, project managers, and DevOps staff. The team here specializes in building enterprise business applications. This can help the businesses to optimize their organizational processes and could handle a large amount of data and traffic.

The solutions developed at Baytech Consulting have quality, usability and scalability at its core. The professionals here use an efficient development process. By providing full transparency to their clients, they develop solutions using the best industry standards and practices.

Reasons to choose this mobile app development company over others are as follows:

  • Tailored solutions
  • Personal touch
  • Top-quality
  • Consulting expertise
  • Proven success
  • Encouraging business growth

And the core values incorporated in the company culture are given below:

Result-driven: An actionable strategy for specific deliverables and an expert consultant to yield great results are crucial to the client’s success. And Baytech consulting offers both aspects.

Client success: Taking time to know the customers and their problems. In that way only they can offer suitable solutions for them. This has been done by bridging the gap between the client’s business and the latest technologies.

Innovation: Coming up with an original and creative idea that not only solves the client’s problems but can also stand against the test of time.

Apart from mobile development services, Baytech consulting offers UX/UI design, software development, software QA and testing, and DevOps. The experts here have served across the industries like advertising, gaming, real estate, finance, education, telecommunication, software and high-tech, startup and healthcare.

The company has been offering software solutions since 1997 and is proud to make a strong positive difference for the customers.

Development Services:

  • AWS Migration
  • Custom Web Application
  • Full-Stack Web Development
  • Software Maintenance
  • Custom Software Development

Minimum project size: $10000+

Hourly Rates: $100 — $149

Tech Stack: iOS, Android, Node, Angular, React Native, PHP, ROR, Java

Major Clientele: MedData, Rails Services Corp, Cash Call Mortgage, Real Source Partners, California Financial Services, Animodus

Number of employees: 11–50 employees

The establishment: 2007

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/company/baytech-consulting/

Location: 24 Executive Park STE 140, Irvine, CA 92614, United States

Clutch Review — 5/5 from Clutch 6 reviews

Google Review — 5/5 from google 2 reviews

Google Maps Location

13. Fisherman Labs

Fisherman Labs -Mobile App Development Company

Fisherman Labs is an application development agency. It helps you with bringing AR, VR, websites, and apps to real life. The services are offered in three phases or ways:

Strategy: Developing a product that looks great and works great isn’t enough for professionals at fisherman labs. They want to clearly understand and define the needs of their clients. And then planning to deliver something of utmost business value. It includes services like:

  • Business strategy
  • Product strategy
  • Technology consulting
  • Product Research

Design: The professionals here firmly believe that the design is the key differentiation for your business. And they unlock this value by blending UX/UI design practices with user-centric problem-solving. Combined they are used in an iterative approach to yield more innovative and impactful results. This includes:

  • Design research
  • Wire framing
  • Prototyping
  • Art direction
  • Interface design
  • Animation-interaction

Development: Development process isn’t just about building a product. It is also about building an experience that satisfies the user, brings joy to them while they use the product. The mobile app developers here work collaboratively to yield results beyond expectations. Services consist of:

  • iOS app development
  • Android app development
  • React native development
  • Front end development
  • Back end development
  • API integrations
  • Content management systems
  • Payment implementation
  • Quality assurance
  • Localization

Fisherman Labs have a team of professionals that like to solve problems and overcome challenges. The company was started from the ground up but it became a top app company due to the following traits:

  • Exploring the unknown
  • Staying curious
  • Learning on the fly
  • Having a blast while pumping out awesome work

Fisherman Labs drives value through web and mobile apps to meet your user’s needs and your business goals.

Development Services:

  • Augmented Reality
  • Mobile App Development
  • UX/UI Design
  • Virtual Reality

Minimum project size: $10000+

Hourly Rates: $150 — $199

Tech Stack: iOS, Android, Magento, eCommerce

Major Clientele: Walmart, Cartoon Network, Fox, OMD, CBS, Regal, Puma, Qualcomm, Sony, United Nations, Anta, Quintiles IMS, Coke, Parachute Health, Curb Stand, HTC, NBC, NFL, eBay, Beautycounter, White Coat, Giving Keys, Ribbow Media, Sketchy Medical, Ctrl Collective, Structure Research, SoulPancake, SENE, Reality LA, Disco Tech, The Rock Church, Daniel Rainn, Apolis

Number of employees: 11–50 employees

The establishment: 2014

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/company/fishermen-labs/

Location: 516 N Sepulveda Blvd, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266, United States

Clutch Review — 5/5 from Clutch 19 reviews

Google Review — 4.9/5 from google 22 reviews

Google Maps Location

14. ClearSummit

ClearSummit -Mobile App Development Company

ClearSummit places primary value on solid engineering and innovative problem-solving. They have a team of creative thinkers, collaborative product owners and adept coders. The talented team of developers here is skilled enough to build delightful experiences for their clients.

The company always keeps working on new ways to remain a prominent leader of the industry. They focus on design and agile development so that you can focus on your core strengths. The professionals here offer UX/UI design and engineering solutions for your business and target customers.

The awards and recognitions received by the company are as stated below:

  • Top web developers Los Angeles 2017 by Clutch
  • Top web developers Los Angeles 2018 by Clutch
  • Top app developers in Los Angeles by Manifest
  • Best web developers in 2020 by Expertise
  • Top mobile app development company by GoodFirms
  • Top web companies in Los Angeles in 2020
  • Top service provider in the United States in 2020 by Wimgo

Apart from mobile development, various services offered at ClearSummit are CS Base Camp, Design, engineering, rapid MVP and support. After years of experience, the company has crafted a kit that helps with software development to ClearSummit and its clients.

For many years, the professionals here have been looking out for the common factors, tools and components among the successful software products. At last, they became successful in streamlining a whole project development process in a single pack.

Using the starter kit will make you feel like attending a top conference on engineering or learning best industry practices. But all of it comes in a small ready-to-use box. It not only brings the experience of more than 150 projects but saves your time by making you learn them easily.

With an out-of-the-box thinking and end-to-end functionality, this tarter kit still has room for further customization. Multiple features of the starter kit are as follow:

  • End-to-end integration
  • Data insights
  • Scaling
  • API Docs
  • Testing
  • CI/CD
  • Error handling
  • Terraform

It also allows for testing and screening for:

  • Stripe payments
  • In-app purchases
  • User Onboarding
  • Signing up
  • Login
  • Account settings
  • Password reset
  • User feedback

Development Services:

  • CS Base Camp
  • Software Development
  • Mobile Development
  • UX/UI Design
  • Software Consultation
  • Web Development

Minimum project size: $10000+

Hourly Rates: $100 — $149

Tech Stack: iOS, Android, React, Angular, React Native, .Net, Java

Major Clientele: Belkin, TuneRegistry, IPC Corp, SVH Travel, AutoMD, Musea, Lightghost, Realkey Industry Expertise

Number of employees: 11–50 employees

The establishment: 2014

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/company/clearsummit/

Location: 1424 4th St, Ste 214 PMB 3353, Santa Monica, California 90401, US

Clutch Review — 5/5 from Clutch 15 reviews

Google Review — NA

Google Maps Location

15. Creative27

Creative27 -Mobile App Development Company

Creative 27 is a mobile app expert agency. It works in all three phases of the product including design, development and marketing of the mobile applications. It helps brands to create some unreal digital experience using creativity, technology and strategy.

They are famously known as the multi-disciplinary digital product design and development powerhouse. Fuelled by their excellence, Creative 27 has been making waves in the market.

The mobile app development company has been awarded:

  • CES Innovation Award
  • IF Design Award
  • Appy Awards
  • The Best International Mobile App Award

Creative 27 has bagged more than 100 awards and are certainly setting the benchmark in the industry. And now talking about the services, various offerings made by this mobile app development company is as stated below:

Mobile App design serves for App Strategy, Research & Discovery & Insights, User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Interactive Prototyping, and Wearable Devices.

Mobile App development includes App Development, Testing and Quality Assurance, and support and maintenance services.

Mobile App Marketing services consist of Social Media Marketing Campaign & Editorial, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Promo Product Landing Pages, Video Production & Motion Graphics, and Content Marketing.

Responsive Website and Ecommerce development involve Consulting, Design UX and UI Development, and Support and Maintenance.

Motion Graphics offer services for Scripting, Storyboards, Design, Animation & Video, Sound Design, and Final Rendering.

Identity and Branding include Messaging & Positioning, Logo Design, Stationary, Digital Signature, Branding Guidelines, and Product Photography.

The development process adopted at the company is as follows:

  1. Research
  2. UX
  3. UI
  4. Prototyping
  5. Development
  6. QA

The team of professionals that serve you with this process are highly experienced, motivated, and driven experts at their core. Creative 27 is driving digital transformation across many industry verticals like healthcare, entertainment, e-commerce, education, social, SaaS, travel and leisure.

Creative 27 is willing to walk the extra mile to find unexpected solutions that could help you overcome your business challenges.

Development Services:

  • Mobile Development
  • User Experience Design
  • 360º Branding
  • Digital Marketing
  • Video Production

Minimum project size: $25000+

Hourly Rates: $100 — $149

Tech Stack: iOS, Android, React, Angular, React Native, .Net, Java

Major Clientele: Samsung, Sony, Beats by Dre, BBC Worldwide, Tracfone, Bose, US Cellular, Univision, Westfield, BCBG Maxazria Group, Screen Actors Guild

Number of employees: 11–50 employees

The establishment: 2006

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/company/creative27/

Location: 633 W 5th St, Los Angeles, CA 90071, United States

Clutch Review — 4.8/5 from Clutch 5 reviews

Google Review — 5/5 from google 6 reviews

Google Maps Location

16. Tack Media

Tack Media -Mobile App Development Company

Tack Media is considered as one of the most preferred digital marketing agency in Los Angeles. It is a fully integrated company that leverages the latest digital trends and marketing practices.

For any given project, the company personnel have the following goals:

  • Keep it casual
  • Simply communicate the goals
  • Breaking down the barriers
  • Connect with the clients

Tack Media claims that working with them would never feel like hiring an external firm. You would experience as if you are working with your internal marketing team. This full-service in-house digital agency continually educates its clients on new changes in the space.

The company renders services like digital marketing, branding, SEO Services, SEM Marketing, Facebook ads management, google ads management, web design services, marketing automation, social media marketing and more.

But what truly sets Tack Media apart from other agencies are:

  • A positive, employee-centred workplace
  • A digital marketing transformation agency
  • 100% team member collaboration
  • Last-minute requests: 30-minute implementations
  • Chat response rate of 5 minutes or less
  • Daily chat and communication availability

And how do they do it differently? Well, depicting it in their own words:

“We Skip the gate-keepers, salespeople, unnecessary screening tactics and get straight to how we can grow your business.”

The company also advises the businesses out there to ask some general and technical questions to any digital agency before they hire them. According to the company officials, asking questions will weed out the partially-qualified companies and you will also get clarity about the firm’s level of expertise.

Tack Media also says that the businesses should not only look at the portfolio and pricing whenever they are in search of a digital marketing firm. The focus should also be on the workplace culture, day-to-day interaction, service and mindset because the company firmly believes that growing a brand is a team effort.

Since its inception in 2009, the company professionals have worked with over 30 industries including eCommerce and retail, real estate, tech and startups, accounting and financials, automotive, consumer products and goods, fitness and lifestyle marketing and so on.

Development Services:

  • Shopify Web Design
  • Ecommerce Web Design
  • WordPress Development
  • App Development
  • Email Marketing

Minimum project size: $1000+

Hourly Rates: $50 — $99

Tech Stack: iOS, Android, Magento, Ecommerce

Major Clientele: ABC, Disney, Warner Brothers, Runway Magazine, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Winriver Casino, First Aid Urgent Care, Pharm Doc, ADVO Group, Inc.

Number of employees: 2–10 employees

The establishment: 2003

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/company/tack-media/

Clutch Review — 5/5 from Clutch 2 reviews

Location: Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks, 91405, US

Google Review — NA

Google Maps Location

17. Lexim

Lexim -Mobile App Development Company

Do you want to turn your imagination into reality?

Lexim can transform your ideas into mobile apps and deliver them directly to your consumer’s hands. It is one of the top mobile app development companies in Los Angeles. They design and develop mobile apps for Android and iOS with startups and Fortune 500 companies alike.

Headquartered in LA, the mobile app development firm maintains the in-house software development centers worldwide. Lexim Global is a prominent leader in technology solutions.

The professionals here are highly experienced in design and develop engaging web and mobile apps, flawless user interfaces and seamless user experience. They claim to not only understand the code of innovation but they also implement it in their service to their clients.

Apart from mobile app development services, Lexim also holds expertise in certain areas like ERP customization and implementation, system integration, e-commerce development, web application development, digital advertising -PPC and social media, and search engine optimization.

The company officials have proudly served businesses from many fields like fashion, media, consumer/lifestyle, finance, consumer electronics, political campaigns, government, international business, travel and hospitality, entertainment, hotel management and many more.

In a concise span of 5 years and a small team of approximately 10 professionals, Lexim has successfully delivered more than 30 projects. The experts here have 3 proprietary SaaS platforms in incubation.

This is the mobile app design agency that can help you get your business smooth in terms of technology. They also prepare you to excel in ever-changing global markets.

Development Services:

  • Enterprise Ecommerce
  • Mobile App
  • Digital Marketing
  • Systems Integration

Minimum project size: Undisclosed

Hourly Rates: Undisclosed

Tech Stack: iOS, Android, Magento, Ecommerce, Java

Major Clientele: Trade Pro, KBS America, Inter Trend, Co-Pack, Wow Couture, Blue Pheasant

Number of employees: 51–200 employees

The establishment: 2011

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/company/lexim-it-corp-/

Location: 3700 Wilshire Blvd #860, Los Angeles, CA 90010, United States

Clutch Review — NA

Google Review — NA

Google Maps Location

18. Goji Labs

Goji Labs -Mobile App Development Company

It doesn’t matter what is your goal, may it be launching a new app, grow an existing platform, redesign and rebuild an existing website or application, or rescuing an off-track project.

Goji Labs have a solution for each of our digital problems. They believe that no business should hold back just because of the lack of technical execution. Partner up with Goji Labs to be your technical co-founders and you will feel like they are just an extended version of your business team.

The services rendered by the company are mobile app development and testing services, website design and development, custom software development, UX research, UX and UI design, and IoT development.

From conceptualization to the launch of the product, Goji Labs has got you covered. They work to sidetrack the risks from the process and serve you with the highest industry standards and best practices. The process followed at the application development agency is as follows:

  1. Product strategy and research
  2. UX and UI implementation
  3. App development and testing
  4. Launch and iteration

Goji Labs have a tight-knit team of experts with decades of experience in finding digital solutions that help in overcoming business challenges. The company constantly update and refine the knowledge and skills of their employees and clients as well.

These clients of the company belong to several verticals like non-profit, healthcare, SaaS, social and education. The company always wants the best for their clients. Therefore, to offer services, they use the latest technology frameworks like Ruby On Rails, Golang, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, Swift, Kotlin, React Native, Flutter, and many more.

Development Services:

  • App Development and Testing
  • Custom Software Development
  • UX & UI Design
  • IoT Development

Minimum project size: $10000+

Hourly Rates: $100 — $149

Tech Stack: iOS, Android, Node, React, .Net, SAP, PHP, eCommerce, Java

Major Clientele: World Health Organization, World Wildlife Fund, USC, UCLA, Digital Medical Tech, City of Los Angeles, Kitchen Table, Kangarootime.

Number of employees: 2–10 employees

The establishment: 2014

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/company/goji-labs-llc/

Location: 800 Wilshire Blvd #200, Los Angeles, CA 90017, United States

Clutch Review — 5/5 from clutch 34 reviews

Google Review — 5/5 from google 15 reviews

Google Maps Location

19. Novvum

Novvum -Mobile App Development Company

Novvum is a proven technology partner that can offer robust solutions to your problems. They understand the importance of establishing a long-term relationship with clients as well as partners.

The company knows that building quality products is not an easy task that is why they provide a dedicated team of experienced strategists, designers, and developers to ensure your success. The team will guide you through every step of the development process. From strategy and design to deployment, Novvum can handle everything.

Services offered to businesses ranging from startups to enterprises are as mentioned below:

Full-stack engineering: The professionals here specializes in the latest coding languages and frameworks. They engineer robust and scalable solutions for their clients.

Strategy: From stack planning to execution, you’ve got covered. Professionals at Novvum will help you with designing an infrastructure for your system. They will also empower iterations. Novvum will work by your side to solve your problems and meet your business goals.

Training and support: Training is provided by the company to keep your team up-to-date on market trends. Additional technical support is also offered if needed.

After signing up with Novvum for service, you don’t have to look for any other company for additional services. Novvum can handle all critical digital operations to ensure you meet your deadlines.

That is achieved by placing talented individuals in small agile units. These professionals will work as an extension of your team and will be completely dedicated to fulfilling your business requirements.

Novvum indeed delivers customized, reliable, scalable and adaptable solutions but they can do it because they take their own time to understand your business needs and problems.

Development Services:

  • App Development
  • Full-Stack Engineering
  • AWS
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • API Development

Minimum project size: $10000+

Hourly Rates: $150 — $199

Tech Stack: iOS, Android, Node, React, Angular, Vue, Flutter,

Major Clientele: Pictaboo (Now Snapchat), HyreCar, Passport Brand Design, OpenCastings, Crashlabs Llc., Shiftovatio.

Number of employees: 2–10 employees

The establishment: 2015

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/company/novvum-consulting-group-llc/

Location: 17875 Von Karman Ave suite 150 & 251, Irvine, CA 92614, United States

Clutch Review — 4.9/5 from clutch 6 reviews

Google Review — 5/5 from google 2 reviews

Google Maps Location

Wrapping it up!

Though mobile application development is a process derived from software development, it offers some features that are advantageous to mobile users only. The sector is already booming and the increasing number of mobile users will just boost the industry.

So, if the businesses want to take advantage of it, they must find a suitable technology partner that can help them achieve their business goals. The list of top mobile app development companies in Los Angeles was provided to help you with your quest and hoping that your search for Top Mobile App Developers in Los Angeles ends here.

Tell me if this article helped you find what you were looking for. And if you have any further queries or suggestions, share them in the comments secretion below.

Disclaimer: The content of the website is provided for general information purpose only and we do not guarantee its accuracy.



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