Medium gets great traffic; should I shift my blog there?

Medium gives clutter-free reading experience. Nobody doubts the value of Medium as a content site but the opinion is divided on taking is as a blogging platform. If its fans drool over its fantastic social/ community-driven virality, self-hosted bloggers frown at its lack of blog-like features such as custom design and monetization.

Medium is an easy platform for writing on the web

Medium focuses on writing, content. The stories on Medium come out clean, without clutter. No ads, no annoying popups, no widgets; just reading, commenting and sharing. Some find the reading experience on Medium better than even well-curated newspaper sites because the content is often as good and there are no annoying ads and popups.
 The fact that visitors to Medium are good readers stories is borne out from the fact that stories that have 7 minutes of content get the maximum reads and shares. That translates into about 1800 words! Definitely, you will not get the number of shares that you might get on WhatsApp and Twitter but those who come to your Medium account will be those who read and appreciate good content. 
 If your content is liked by people, the story gets listed in their storylines / publications, and your original story gets good traffic in no time. In that respect, Medium behaves like bookmarking sites (e.g. Digg) and community blogs.

How does Medium compare with Blogger, Wordpress, Tumblr etc?

Who said you can’t make money out of a Medium blog?

A great medium so ignorantly abandoned!

Bloggers need not abandon their main blog. They should rather find ways to supplement their main blog through Medium. Re-publishing and cross-linking are two easy ways to leverage the potential of both the platforms.

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Originally published at on August 5, 2016.

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