Seller Story: Laptopsales AZ

Laptopsales AZ is a refurbished laptop business based in Arizona. They started selling on Tophatter in June 2016.


  • In August 2016, selling 15–20 laptops per day at average selling price of $80–90+ each
  • Buys used laptops at city government, university, and school auctions for refurbishment and resells on Tophatter
  • Before starting on Tophatter, I never sold so many laptops. On your website I can sell 100 laptops a week easily. It’s not the same with eBay and Amazon.

What, specifically, has been your favorite part of starting to sell with Tophatter?

You can list a wide range of items and as long as you clearly specify the condition of the laptop, they sell really quickly and customers give you positive feedback. With Amazon there are so many strict limits.

How did you find out about Tophatter?

From another customer that shops on Tophatter. I checked it out and said, hey this site looks interesting.

What was your biggest fear or thought before starting a Trial with Tophatter?

If I was going to get paid!

What’re your top 2 tips for being successful as a seller on Tophatter?

Stay on top of things. Answer all the emails. Let the customer know clearly in your description what they are getting. That way you can always go back if need be.
Pick 1–2 marketplaces and focus on what’s working. I’ve found that you don’t want to sell everywhere and spread yourself too thin.

How exactly do you and your team manage the Tophatter platform?

I check Tophatter every day. I check my dashboard to see what sales have come in and answer questions. I add new product to the site frequently.
For me, it’s about sourcing stock. That’s a big job. My computer recyclers get donations from city and state recycling drives and schools or colleges. I’ve got to be on the look out always for auctions coming up.
Black Friday is almost here. That day is always crazy for me. So I’m getting organized. Laptops get refurbished and everything is boxed up well in advance so when sales come in I just put a label on them and ship them out.
I also want to get everything ready in boxes well in advance. We do the refurbishment work on each laptop and make sure the battery is charged up or install a new battery if need be. Then they get boxed up and when they sell on Tophatter, it’s just put a label on it and boom boom boom they are shipped.

If you were to recommend Tophatter to another business, what would you tell them?

I’d say that it’s a great site.
Since starting on Tophatter, I’ve never sold so many laptops in my life. On your website I can sell 100 laptops a week easily. It’s not the same with eBay and Amazon.

If you had to sum up Tophatter as a seller in 1–2 words what would you say?

Awesome and excellent!

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