Take a part in my entrepreneurial journey

Dear readers, I invite you to a journey to the future. A journey that began 15 years ago, as an addiction to entrepreneurial life and goes on to the future.

Fifteen years ago, I had no idea what the high-tech world is all about.

My expertise was marketing and management in the food industry. My partner is a real high-tech geek. Sometimes I think that he’ll die working on the keyboard. I was joking with him that on his grave I’ll write “Here lies the keyboard man”.

On our first date, being an employee, he stated that he won’t continue to enrich his bosses. His felt that his hard work and the value he brings to the company are not reflected in promotion and the monthly salary. He promised me that by the time he’ll be fifty years old, he’ll manage his own time and be his own boss.

I did not imagine for a moment during that date, that I would be a full partner in this journey.

The journey began in summer of 2002, London.

We landed in London at the end of July 2002, welcomed by the gray London sky. Later I realized that this is part of the scenery of this magical city. We had no work, no local relatives, just a strong determination that we’re going to succeed, no matter what.

It took more than six exhausting months for my keyboard man to find a job. He managed three job interviews with a similar salary that he had before. In all of them he passed successfully the acceptance exams. Still he in each one he received a notice that he was over qualified.

In the fourth interview, he was accepted and it was a nice job with a super high salary. Even in his dreams he didn’t think that he’ll earn such a salary,

But in every lemonade, there’s also a lemon. His contract was for three months and its renewal for another three months depends on their satisfaction. I got the news about his acceptance just before saying goodbye to my family abroad, heading to a flight back to London.

Landing into the journey

Five hours later I landed in London, into the arms of a very happy man. The keyboard man whispered in my ear that we must create something that generates revenues quickly, because he doesn’t know how long he’ll be able to keep this work.

He had no intention of being humiliated again, and I thought that our wonderful life had begun the moment he’ll start working


From this moment on, I didn’t rest a minute .

stay tuned for rest of the story

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