A great and soulful View Source 2017!

What an incredible experience, last year I volunteered at View Source in Berlin, and I couldn’t make the Mozilla Festival.

This year I finally got the chance to attend both of them (stay tuned for Mozilla Festival post!) in the magical London, a city close to my heart where I lived for more than three years.

View Source https://viewsourceconf.org/london-2017

On Friday the party started in the elegant RSA venue with a full immersion in the world of the web development.

Jeremy Keith

Jeremy Keith opened the dances with a great talk about having online presence independent from centralized services.

Estelle Weyl made us reflect through an history and future of the mobile web performances (slides here).

Chris Lilley put everyone in awe playing with the new frontiers of the WebFonts (slides here), and Inayaili de León Persson taught us how to keep our design system alive (slides here).

Lea Verou

Rachel Andrew explains very well how CSS Grid Layout works and its potentialities (slides here). Then Lea Verou showed us how to make web programming easier and interactive with MAVO, as “When you make something accessible to novices, it becomes easier for everybody”.

After lunch the coffee arrived from Dominik Kundel and his project hacking a coffee machine (slides here), Guy Podjarny who exploited the vulnerabilities writing a JavaScript, and Mariko Kosaka who guided us on building Web Apps on FIRE, Fast, Integrated, Reliable, and Engaging (slides here).

Emily Gorcenski

Emily Gorcenski gave a courageous and touching talk based on her experience facing the fire of an horrible racial manifestation in Charlottesville, and how it could be prevented observing how the event was planned online. It was a deep reflection on the responsibilities as a technologist and on the role of authorities.

Ada-Rose Cannon showed us how to make VR with A-Frame, I played with it a while ago. It’s really easy to get on board, give it a try!

Sean White closed the day with a look to the future among VR, AR, Speech, and the Internet of Things and how important is to keep the technologies open.

Have a look http://iot.mozilla.org and https://research.mozilla.org to check out the latest projects!

You can join the Common Voice projects by recording and listening voices at https://voice.mozilla.org

After a quick look around at the Tate Modern, my day ended in an overwhelming Mozilla Science Fair at the Ravensbourne College, where the the Mozilla Festival took place on Saturday and Sunday.

Stay tuned to read my adventure at the MozFest too! :)

Mozilla Science Fair