BIG DIVE 6 in a Story!

Jul 26, 2017 · 4 min read

On June 19th, episode number 6 of BIG DIVE course - the training program to teach Data Science Pillars organized by TOP-IX in partnership with ISI Foundation, and TODO - officially started … and now, just after 25 days (or 160 hours) of lessons, it is time to draw some “conclusions” !

On the stage: Fabio Franchino (TODO), Ciro Cattuto, Andrè Panisson, Paolo Bajardi, Laetitia Gauvin and Enrico Ubaldi (ISI Foundation), Alessandro Molina and Puria Nafisi (Axant), Alex Comunian (TOP-IX)… What an incredible Dream Team!

As usual, the number of teaching topics covered by the resident teachers above was huge:

  • Python basics
  • Scientific Python (Pandas, Scipy, Numpy)
  • Scaling Python (Dask)
  • D3.JS
  • Statistics basics
  • Applied statistics on real datasets
  • Machine learning Theory
  • Machine learning Practice
  • MongoDB
  • Network Science
  • Apache Spark

In addition, an awesome group of guest lecturers gave some pieces of valuable contributions.

Enrico Ferro (ISMB) summarized the principles of DATA DRIVEN INNOVATION.

Maarten Lambrechts ( showed 10 years of Data Visualization projects, describing used tools and trends evolution.

Alan Perotti (aizoOn) explained the algorithmic complexity problem and what does it mean writing bad code.

Piero Molino (Uber) provided a deep overview on the current methods and the future directions of distributional semantics and word embeddings.

Antonio Vetrò (Nexa Center for Internet and Society) and Alessio Melandri (Synapta) cleared up the most common problems with DATA QUALITY.

Agile Lab supported us in teaching #Apache #Spark framework.

We had a contribution from Intel on #Deeplearning.

CELI, another great company based in Torino, provided a great overview on #NLP(Natural Language Processing).

Francesco Bonchi (Research Leader at ISI Foundation) took part in the course with a lecture named “Mining Information Propagation Data”.

Finally, Davide Del Vecchio (Global Head of Security at YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP) connected “the dots” between the #BIGDATA and the #CyberSecurity worlds.

What else?

Five intensive and memorable days spent on BIG DIVE Final Projects, where the students put in action all the knowledges acquired during the course in order to address the challenges provided by our Data Sponsors (Fondazione Giovanni Agnelli, Tesi S.P.A. and IFC).

The results were presented and discussed the last day of the course, with some great interactive presentations together with amazing Data Explorations, Data Visualizations, Predictive Models and Network Graphs.

I have to be honest … after six editions, to describe BIG DIVE is still a difficult task and dealing with this course is still exciting like in the first episode.

The best definition I can found probably is:

It is an AWESOME class experience driven by the passion for Data!

This postcard and the video below celebrate the last class of graduated Divers!

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Design Engineer in TOP-IX. Father of one. President at PLUG Association. Author of CREARE VALORE CON I BIG DATA. Runner in the free time.



A random collection of projects, ideas and activities by TOP-IX and its employees

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