Getting to Know Topl: Kamanzi Ntashamaje, Director of Onboarding and Integration

Hi, my name is Kamanzi Ntashamaje, I am originally from Rwanda, but I was born and grew up in the countryside of Switzerland. I have bachelor’s degree in International Business and Economics at Maastricht University and I am now finishing my master’s degree in International Business with specialization in Entrepreneurship and SME management.

Getting Started With Topl

I found out about Topl when I first started my master’s program in September 2017. We were presented a few startups we could partner up with to learn more about entrepreneurship. When Chris did his pitch, I was very excited by how relevant the Topl protocol was for emerging and developing markets. Each time I have been to Rwanda, I have had conversations about how difficult it is to get investments even for successful companies. Moreover, despite their struggle, I’ve always been impressed by how much energy and resilience people show there. Thus, when I heard about the Topl protocol, I understood straight away that it was the best solution to one of the most pressing problem in emerging and developing economies.

At Topl, I am the Director of Onboarding and integration. My task is to be the link between the implementation on the ground and the Topl team. I have to listen to what people want to achieve, then I help them to efficiently integrate the Topl protocol into their projects. I particularly enjoy this because it gives people the opportunity to do what they want to do the way they want to do it. In other words, it gives the opportunity to everyone to achieve their dreams.

The Topl protocol gives more than the opportunity to tell a story, it enables them to write a new one.

A famous Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie explains in a TedTalk the danger of the single story. The problem faced by many, if not all, emerging and developing countries is that their stories — who they are and what they can achieve — have been expressed and assessed by others. The Topl protocol gives more than the opportunity to tell a story, it enables them to write a new one. I believe that it is the right fit for me because I believe in the potential of people and I enjoy listening to and helping others. I don’t know if I have a talent for it, but I deeply believe it is essential and way bigger than me, so I will work hard for it.

I believe in Topl because it gives clear solutions to one of the most pressing issue faced in emerging and developing regions. By itself, the Topl protocol cannot change the world, however, it gives the opportunity to people to change and improve it. I am excited for the future, when the Topl protocol becomes a huge network of individuals and entities working to improve the situation of our planet.

Kamanzi, performing a traditional Rwandan dance

I really like the flexibility of the Topl protocol because it allows me to work and to learn from a large variety of projects aiming different social or environmental impact. Also, I’ve always been passionate by arts and culture, particularly I have a fascination for traditional, and ancestral cultures and I am myself a traditional Rwandan dancer, however, I am very bad with new technologies, like smartphones etc… So, by working with the Topl team, I learned to use Instagram, riot, telegram and other communication and organization software and devices I never thought to use before. Put simply, Topl made me finally enter the 21st century.

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