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6 min readJan 18, 2024

The Topos Builders Program’s first set of projects is well underway. The Topos Builders Program launched with the Topos testnet — a vast and open landscape that encourages early adopters to become pioneers in the first ZK native ecosystem. This program aims to build a thriving and supportive community with resources and learning support. As we continue to expand the Topos ecosystem, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the Topos Community Fund, a new initiative that aligns seamlessly with the ethos of the Topos Builders Program. This new grant program is designed to catalyze innovation and foster the development of transformative projects within our vibrant ZK ecosystem. The Topos Community Fund is set to empower a wide array of visionary projects that resonate with our mission of building a trustless, secure, and interconnected digital world.

The Topos Community Fund is more than just a financial resource; it’s a launchpad for creativity and collaboration, offering project owners not just funding but a platform for growth and community engagement. The program’s multi-stage process, involving proposal submissions through GitHub, thorough reviews by the community, live presentations to the community by grant finalists, and an engaging voting system on Discord, ensures a transparent and inclusive selection of projects that truly embody the spirit of innovation. This initiative is a testament to our commitment to supporting those who dare to dream big and strive to make a tangible impact in the Topos ecosystem.

The program has in-depth learning guides and resources to empower builders. In addition to securing funding and kickstarting development journeys on the Topos Protocol, builders will benefit from expert support and guidance throughout the program. We’ve developed and tailored learning journeys to help builders develop a greater understanding of the Topos stack. Topos is the universal standard for a connected world. Therefore, to maximize a connected world we want builders who see connection as integral. Topos Builders Program endeavors to support those who pursue connection — trustlessly, inclusively, securely, and efficiently.

As we embark on this exciting journey, we invite all members of our community to participate — whether by submitting project proposals, contributing insights, or participating in the decision-making process. This is an opportunity for each one of us to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the Topos ecosystem and to further our collective vision of a trustless and connected world.

The Community Fund and the Topos Builders Program will be a place to foster innovative ideas that align with the Topos protocol mission: creating seamless and secure interchain communication without relying on trust in validators. Expert guidance and learning support will be readily available, ensuring that even newcomers can contribute their projects of immense value to the ecosystem.

This is just the beginning of Topos collaboration with new ecosystem pioneers. While we’re initially seeking Solidity developers, the Topos Builders Program will evolve to encompass a diverse array of tools and applications. Future initiatives may include multiple rounds of funding for projects that wholeheartedly embrace the values championed by the Topos community. Sign up to receive the latest updates and learn more about the Topos Community Fund on Discord.

How to Apply

Application is a simple two-step process and needs to be executed in order:

  1. Create a new issue using the application template. Once you’ve filled in the template, submit the issue.
  2. Fill in an application form. You will need to include a link to the submitted issue.

Important Dates

  • Jan 18: Round 1 Applications Open.
  • Jan 31: Marketing, submission collection, panel member selection.
  • Feb 19: Round 1 submissions close.
  • Feb 20: Initial review of projects.
  • Feb 26: Selection for community vote.
  • Feb 29: Live pitches on Discord.
  • Feb 29 — March 4: Community vote.
  • March 18: Payout upon completion of milestones.

The Finer Details

  • Round 1 applications are open until either the program receives its maximum number of applications or February 19, 2024. This means you should apply as soon as you can to be sure your submission is included in this cohort.
  • Throughout the process, your email address will be your identifier. It is acceptable to use a temporary email address to preserve your privacy, but you must have access to the emails sent to that address for the duration of the grant period (up to 20 weeks). Not having access to the emails will mean you will not be able to receive your grant. It will not be possible to change emails during the grant period.
  • It is important to read the T&Cs as some exclusions and conditions may mean you cannot be accepted for a grant.
  • To receive payments you will need to submit milestones that comply with our Milestone Guide.

Application Requirements

  • For most projects in this round of grants, you need to be proficient in Solidity. Support and learning materials will be provided during your build phase to help you navigate the Topos Protocol, but not to learn Solidity.
  • Code produced as part of the grant must be open source and must not rely on closed-source software for full functionality. Please license your code under Apache 2.0.
  • If selected as a finalist, you must provide a 5–10 minute presentation on your projects live on Discord to the Topos community on February, 28th 2024.
  • We do not fund projects that have been the object of a token sale.
  • We do not fund projects that actively encourage gambling or criminal activity.
  • You must be eligible to receive a grant under section 2 (Eligibility) of the T&Cs.


Grants will be awarded over two payment milestones. Grant Recipients submit a payment milestone issue through GitHub and a form. For the payment to be unlocked, milestone submissions will need to be accepted by Toposware Inc.

Milestone 1 — 20% of the grant payment, and submission is one week after the project kick-off.

Milestone 2 — The remaining 80% of the grant payment and is expected to be submitted at the end of the project timeline (from three to ten weeks, depending on the agreed timeline for the project).

Find out more about the Milestones here: Milestone Guide.

After you Apply

If you are selected by the community panel as a finalist, you will be required to present a 5–10 minute presentation on your submission live on Discord to the Topos community in order to continue the grant process.

If you are awarded a grant via the community vote, you will need to accept the grant and go through the acceptance process. Full details will be emailed to you with your notification of the award.

Your grant should not be treated as final, nor the funding as fully approved, until you have passed the acceptance process.

Applying for a grant through the Topos Builders Program makes you a foundational member of the Topos Builders Community! Topos is defining the future of equitable human interaction. This decentralized future will be inclusive, secure, and interoperable by design.

Visit the Topos Community Fund GitHub or the Topos Community Discord for more information.

About Topos

Topos is the first zkEcosystem — a universal standard for a trustless, connected world. Through novel advancements in cryptography and distributed systems, Topos functions to rearchitect scalable digital interactions between untrusted parties. Topos enables Web3 and enterprises to interoperate securely and natively to drive super-additive value.

Topos’ permissionless EVM-based multichain architecture empowers developers with flexible and infinitely scalable building blocks to create the composable products of the future. Leveraging zero-knowledge proofs at its core, Topos delivers cryptographic security and zero-leak network privacy to power enterprise use cases — on a global scale. With Topos, secure, trustless, and scalable interoperability will unlock the global adoption of Web3 and Web 2.5.