#05 Song of the Sea VR experience review 7/10


This a review of Song of the Sea VR experience — which is an animated story on Irish folklore story about 10 minutes length released 2017 June so last month. Even before starting I had built this expectation that the story is genuine since it probably was passed down for generations and it wasn’t another single day hit like Lady Gaga.

Song of the Sea VR experience review

I’ve tried watching on a train that was full. I failed. Apparently, you have to turn 180 degrees to continue watching the story. My bad and I was the only person immersed into VR headset on a fully seated train — today it may seem bizarre, and in the future, it will be the norm as nowadays we immerse ourselves into our smartphones.

So according to the narrator, every hair holds a story. Does that mean there will be as many stories told as there is hair? Unfortunately no.

The whole experience is like you are back in your childhood reading an old folklore story with old fashion drawing.

It’s a single story told through two scenes. In the beginning, you might get confused that there will be four different stories since there are four screens presented at the beginning which triggers the story to start. I found out that no matter which screen you press it’s the same story told. Weird.

It’s a bit confusing on where you should interact, and FYI you need to “tap” with your controller or press the button on the hanging hair, and it’s a bit slow, it felt longer than 10 minutes. Nevertheless, I certainly wished I could have explored my childhood stories as I can now with VR, guess my kids will be lucky. There are two parts to the story, and I recommend watching it till the end.

I have to admit I expected some ‘argh’ shouting pirates and that just proves I know nothing of Irish folklore and now I can say it’s a rich folklore and would be keen on experiencing more Irish folklore through VR.

It’s a 7 out of 10 experience. I lost the count how many times I was turning in circles trying to understand where the narrator will pop up and even the sound is misleading as they don’t use any spatial sound so it tricks you of where next you should be looking. I wish they used spatial audio as that would have made much more sense in orientating inside the cave.

It’s a good experience but not great.

Have you tried the experience? If so — how was it for you?

You can find the experience on your Samsung Gear VR http://bit.ly/songseavr and it’s free to watch so go and watch it!

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