#01 Raising a Rukus VR review 8/10

I finally watched Raising a Rukus and must say from the excitement and curiosity I twisted my neck too fast couple times, so I guess watching a VR experience in bed is not a great idea anymore compared to watching a movie just from your laptop.

Twins that don’t get along and for their birthday they get a puppy, they just moved to new town and having a hard time finding friends, and suddenly plot invites you to a land of the dinosaurs! It’s a beautiful story that needs to be seen and appreciated that great Hollywood Director Robert Stromberg from Avatar movie is stepping into VR and are experimenting.

Raising a Rukus VR review

I was watching the experience with Samsung S8, 2017 Gear VR and the graphics obviously were not great. We should forgive the poor resolution in VR as the industry at an early stage. Instead, focus on the story and immersion. VR movies are at the very beginning of storytelling, and it will improve very soon.

Bottom line: It’s a perfect story and immersive experience for the younger generation and to those that are keen to see how the future cinema will look.

8/10 stars.