The future is brighter than the past. Don’t you think it’s time to show some love to technology’s awesomeness?

Gratitude Gut Check: 5 Good Reasons to Show Technology Some Love

You know we don’t hear many people say how grateful they are for technology. All we seem to do is fear technology and/or complain about it, especially when things don’t go exactly right. And what is it with all this nostalgia for when things were “so much simpler and less complicated”? You know something? Technology is awesome. People should come up from texting for three seconds and think about it. And then give a nod to the amazingness of the world — because of technology — right now.

(1) When you went to the grocery store and you couldn’t remember if you were supposed to get evaporated or skim milk for that special recipe your wife was baking for the holiday occasion? In the “good old days” you’d have to sweat it out and take your chances (and go back if you got it wrong), or buy both and end up with a can of sweet milk in the pantry for the next year. Now, you can send a text or make a quick call.

(2) Speaking of calls. Remember when you had to answer the phone when it rang because there was no concept of seeing a number? There were no answering machines ready to run interference. Remember those rotary phones, and how you hated the people’s number with 0's in them because they took so long to rotate back? Oh yeah. Man, simpler times.

(3) Remember when a CD or cassette tape would run you $10 or $15 or even $20 just to hear your favorite rock star? Then the CD would scratch and the tape would start hissing — and Dolby just muted the sound. Now, you can stream Jon Bon Jovi and an infinite variety of every sound and style for free or a small monthly fee. But what do people do? They yell at their Siri (mine is Linda). “I said ‘Blue Tooth audio! Not ‘Line in’!” You could stop for a second and adjust your reality dial a little here.

(4) Remember when you had to spend a month on a boat to get across the Atlantic? I don’t either, but it wasn’t that long ago. Now we can zip across the pond in the time it takes to binge-watch House of Cards. And you know what people do? They complain about the airline cutting the last movie short. Um, dude. You just cleared an ocean and started Season Five of Breaking Bad. Lighten up.

(5) Oh, and remember the days when we had to buy a library’s worth of Encyclopedia’s if we, well, wanted to have access to the information? That was way better than having it for free all the time online with people constantly adding to it. And you know what else I really miss? Station wagons. Not.

Pretty soon we’ll be complaining that the drones who just delivered our groceries at the push of a few buttons brought 2% organic milk and not skim. Disaster!