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Torlando on Jadite 6459 — Sherwin-Williams

Jadite 6459 Sherwin Williams
Jadite 6459 — Sherwin-Williams Duration

Green is an interesting color. It’s fairly commonly held as a favorite color but it can also be a little polarizing. In design, it’s simply not for everyone, yet it goes with nearly everything (just not orange). But when used with boldness and daring expression, greens, like Jadite 6459 by Sherwin-Williams can add a powerful richness to any room.

My significant other is very fond of gem stores and whenever we travel, she can’t ever pass over a store that sells gems. Jade is one of those stones that is hard to ignore. It has a tremendous history of being used in ancient sculpture. The vibe it brings is both serene and grave. Paired with precious metals it feels regal; and yet held in a natural setting with woods and foliage — it feels free.

As a wall color it is bold. There is no doubt about that. It carries so much drama that makes me think of powerful and courageous women like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Amanda Gorman, and Angela Davis.

I love the idea of pairing the color with brushed brass or gold and ceramic whites. Dark Walnut floors. And bringing in living plants, almost creating a jungle in your home office or master bedroom. This would be the perfect color to serve as a backdrop for your remote work video calls giving you a quiet power. There is strength in this color — but not a scary strength. Its assuring and calming giving the person on the other side of the video…the courage to trust.

Image on left, taken from job site featuring Myles Stephney — Craftsman Painter; Image on right, found on Pinterest —

Torlando Hakes is a digital artist and the CEO of Craftsman Painter, Inc. Torlando has practiced color design for over 15 years and he’s the author of the business book Sprint which teaches trade professionals how to manage their business. You can look for a Craftsman Painter guild in your area by visiting us online at



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Torlando Hakes

Torlando Hakes

Author of Sprint | Craftsman Painter