Using Metamask as Wallet for Tọ̀rọ̀Net Mainnet

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2 min readDec 18, 2021


TòròNet is live, and similar to the post below for loading Testnet tokens to Metamask, you can also use Metamask to store mainnetTòròNet tokens and assets. You can also perform basic standard (ERC20) operations such as sending and receiving tokens using Metamask.

Testnet Post on Using Metamask:

Follow the steps in the above link to install Metamask. Then follow the steps below:

  1. Inside of MetaMask, click the toggle that by default says “Ethereum Mainnet”.

2. Then select “Custom RPC”.

3. Set the name to Toronet Test Network.

4. Set the “New RPC URL”, set it to the current public RPC address for the Toronet testnet

5. Set “Chain ID” to 7777.

6. Set the blockchain explorer to

7. Set the currency symbol to TOROG.

8. The rest is of the entries on the interface is optional and not required.

Illustration of the Setting for TòròNet Mainnet

Add TòròNet Tokens into MetaMask

1. On the Add Token page, click on the Custom Token tab to expand the search window.

2. Enter the token address in the field called Token Address

TORO: 0x723149e830d183203fd2767Ab60ADCe31b4A61FD

ESPEES: 0x241178EcC063f6DB8626c471Ee61A63644BF95A3

τETH: 0x3e6ac82770D2028E0F80Ca92D7BF5aC7bED5a8B4

3. In most cases, the Token Symbol and Decimals of Precision will autofill, otherwise please follow the points below. Note: if these options are not working, you could also look at the token project’s documentation for these details

4. Click Next to proceed

5. You will be redirected to confirm adding a token. Click Add Token to confirm.

Other Tokens ERC20 Addresses to Add to ERC20-Compatible Wallets

  1. τEGP: 0x0E4F83E9331E577e9997e58d655c83554b41cADf
    (Egyptian Pound Stablecoin)
  2. τKSH: 0x891F93b5d5622F7877bBDFF97dBeFA62E640652F
    (Kenyan Shilling Stablecoin)
  3. τNGN: 0x05F818F2d095F679C4643608F0230A4576326b3e
    (Nigeria Naira Stablecoin)
  4. τZAR: 0x292Ada7e9df6b028D2D91C66250C77853a7e51B0
    (South African Rand Stablecoin)
  5. τUSD: 0x21770a7B4Fd38095d4F476F311B90e5806549A64
    (USD Stablecoin)
  6. τEURO: 0x787361c437A2afEA1a5FEa9fD9a97330F99b5568
    (Euro Stablecoin)
  7. τPOUND: 0x6C976e29c5d4D2D6eFc27a92Ae701408a02c5545
    (Pound Stablecoin)
  8. τETH: 0x3e6ac82770D2028E0F80Ca92D7BF5aC7bED5a8B4
    (Bridged Ethereum on Toronet)
  9. ESPEES: 0x241178EcC063f6DB8626c471Ee61A63644BF95A3
  10. TOROS: 0x723149e830d183203fd2767Ab60ADCe31b4A61FD



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