The end of your month just got a little tastier

Savour even more stories with Behind the Boîte


We’ve been cooking up some scrumptious stuff here at BtB.
Mark your calendars — throughout the final week of every month we’ll now be serving up even more ways to look into the lives and stories of some of your favourite local businesses and personalities.

Get your Boîte To Go

Boîte To Go — bite-sized profiles of your favourite independent bakeries & cafés

We love writing about our city’s best independently owned bars and restaurants. But Toronto is also chock-full of amazing independent artisanal bakeries and cafés. We had to show them some love, too.

We’ll now be profiling a beloved indie bakery or café in a bite-sized but colourful little piece for you to savour like your morning cup of joe. Get to know the brave souls that wake up before the sun to brew you a mug or bake you a scone within the walls of their own cozy spaces. All in less time than it takes to wait for a latte.

Get to know The Professionals

The Professionals — stories from the industry’s best

You know who they are. They make your dining or drinking experience a pleasure. They make the best recommendations. You go back with the hope of seeing them again and again. They remember your name and your preferences (and allergies!). They work long hours, are always on their feet, have incredible memories, and seem to have an unending store of charm.

They are the Professionals of our service industry.

Every month we’ll be sitting down with an individual who we consider to be an MVP in Toronto’s hospitality scene. Learn a little more about the hard-working people who have made it their career to provide you with unforgettable — and oft-entertaining — service.

Mmm… Chocolate.

And of course, we’ll still be rolling out our big mama, feature-length profile each and every month.

Whet your appetites. No need for a reso. Just follow us to make sure you never miss a tantalizing morsel!

Marta S

Marta S is a freelance writer and bartender living and working in Toronto. If you or someone you know would like to be profiled by Behind the Boîte, email her at
She takes all kinds.