Educational Videos: Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, etc.

Let’s share some bookmarks. As part of our developer on-boarding process, I’ve divided YouTube videos into 3 sections.

First, there’s the easy stuff that requires no artificial intelligence background. Next, there’s intermediate stuff where the code is explained to you line by line. Finally, we have the professor-at-a-whiteboard scenario which is the hard stuff. Only here do you need to remember all your Calculus and algebra, and even so it is not as bad as you think. These links below are by no means complete or up-to-date or perfectly organized, but it’s a pretty good start for someone new to the field. You may want to do the online deep learning courses like Andrew Ng’s, but I do however find these links/videos generally useful for on-boarding and getting people up to date. I focus on channels rather than individual videos where possible.

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