Howdy everyone, the team would like to announce that Torum is now one of the 12 exclusive startups that are accepted into the Fintech Forward Program that is powered by both Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Saison Capital.

The program has received a large volume of applications among the Southeast Asian region and Torum has emerged as the only cryptocurrency startup that represent the industry in the program.

Fintech Forward Program

The Fintech Forward program powered by AWS and Saison Capital is designed to help startups to build the next generation of fintech integrations & products for the ASEAN region.

From this program…

Torum 很高兴为大家带来一场 BUSD 和 USDT 的 社区福利活动!


奖励池:15,000 BUSD & 5,000 USDT

活动:(i) 用户扫码注册&交易 & (ii) 参与币安合约交易

时间:2021年05月26日08:00 至2021年06月02日08:00(北京时间)

参与资格: 新老用户


活动(一):用户扫码注册 & 交易


奖励池:15,000 BUSD (最新)

条件(一):扫描下方红包二维码,注册币安即可领取随机拼手气红包,最高领取 5 BUSD 红包,红包限量1,500个(最新)先到先得,发完即止

Torum is excited to announce that we will be organizing a community giveaway campaign on Binance.

Giveaway Details

Reward: 15,000 BUSD (updated) & 5,000 USDT

Events: (i) Register a Binance Account And Make Your First Trade & (ii) Complete a Futures Trade

Period: May 26, 2021 00:00 to June 2, 2021 00:00 (UTC)

Eligibility: New and existing users of Binance

How To Participate?

Event (i): Register a Binance Account And Make Your First Trade

Eligibility: New users only

Reward Pool: 15,000 BUSD (updated). First-come-first-serve basis

1st Condition: Scan the QR code below & register a Binance account. (Available to only the first 1,500 participants.)

Torum is excited to reveal our first IDO launchpad partner, Zendit, which is the official launchpad of our strategic partner — MANTRA DAO!

$XTM Zendit IDO Sale Event

  • Token Ticker: $XTM
  • Token Type: BEP-20
  • Total Raise Amount: $113,333.33
  • Total Available Tokens: 1,416,666.67 $XTM
  • 1 Pool: Private Sherpa Pool
  • Asset Pool Pair: BUSD/XTM
  • Total Pool Raise : $113,333.33
  • USD Token exchange offering Price: $0.08
  • Pool Opening Date: TBA
  • Release Rule: 100% Released
  • Contract address: 0x3f526a5a8811cc1812d923d5dbb20e4b1c6028db

* Please beware of potential scams imitating $XTM and avoid from buying $XTM before any official announcement is made on our channels.

Participation Eligibility:

Addresses who meet these participation requirements will be eligible…

Torum is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Darkpool Liquidity, a 2x Binance API competition winner and a prominent liquidity and market maker provider that has five years experience with over $50 million worth of assets under management (AUM).

Through this partnership, Darkpool Liquidity will provide Torum with its deep market making and liquidity provision that is shared by over 100+ startups in the crypto space. Meanwhile, Torum will be providing Darkpool Liquidity with community support, marketing strategy and partnership connection.

Yi Feng Go, CEO & Founder:

“For projects to emerge from the many players in the fast-moving market…

Torum is delighted to bring you the world’s first Initial Staking NFT Offering (ISNO), featuring 363 limited edition NFTs for public sale.

Token Sale Details

Funds Raised: $243,000


Date: May, 10th 2021, 9PM (UTC+8)

Total Tokens Issued Under ISNO: 1,750,000 XTM (0.175%)

Total Token Supply: 1,000,000,000 XTM (100.0%)

Purchase Pair: BNB

Vesting: Locked inside the 363 limited edition NFTs, 100% released upon burning the NFT

Number of NFT Tiers: 5

BNB Price: $600 (varies on market condition)

Price of Genesis : 0.33 BNB

Price of Exorsus : 0.99 BNB

Price of Crescentia : 2.99 BNB

Price of Maturitas : 8.99 BNB

Torum is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Kylin Network, a Polkadot-based data infrastructure for DeFi and Web 3.0, whose vision is to build a cross-chain platform powering the data economy on Polkadot.

Partnering with Kylin Network provides the Torum community the access to instant and accurate real-time price feed and other data oracle-related services in Torum NFT Marketplace and Torum Finance found on multiple blockchains as Kylin Network is based on Polkadot. …

Torum is proud to announce a strategic partnership with MANTRA DAO, a community-governed DeFi platform built on Parity Substrate for the Polkadot ecosystem, that is focusing on staking, lending, and governance.

Having MantraDAO as a strategic partner enables Torum to stay focused to the forefront of the DAO space and launch a smooth and successful IDO event on the Zendit launchpad of MantraDAO. In return, MantraDAO will enjoy the user onboarding potential from Torum’s over 32,000 user base that is recording a double digit growth every month.

Yi Feng Go, CEO & Founder:

“As we progress further into decentralization, it…

For the past few days, news about Covid-19 in India are spreading like wildfire on every mainstream news portal. Latest source suggests that the daily infected Covid patients on India reached as high as 400,000 people.

As a crypto startup with more than half of our devs from India, we are able to learn the first-hand information of the actual Covid situation in the country. Everyone is basically competing for oxygen tanks and it gets worse, when unscrupulous men are reselling the oxygen tanks at 10x the original price. …

Torum is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Poly Network, a cross-chain interoperability protocol that is building the next generation internet infrastructure by integrating main public chains, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Neo, Ontology, Elrond, Ziliqa, Binance Smart Chain, Huobi ECO Chain and Cosmos-SDK.

Having Poly Network as a strategic partner provides Torum and the community a seamless cross-chain operation and secured on-chain transactions on most mainstream blockchains at minimal cost. In return, Torum will onboard the entire community base to Poly Network, as well as promoting their cross-chain services to our ecosystem partners.

Yi Feng Go, CEO & Founder:



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