Torum Closes $1.5M Private Round with Prominent Crypto VCs

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7 min readApr 19, 2021


Dear Landers,

For weeks, the community has been requesting for Team Torum to reveal the private investors’ line-up of Torum. As the Torum public sale event slowly approaches, it is time for us to introduce the early backers of Torum.

The private round of Torum is joined by a total of 21 partners from both East and West. A total of 6.4% of total XTM supply is allocated to the private investors of Torum. 15% of the XTM token allocated in the private round will be released during TGE, followed by a 12-months vesting period.

Here are the full lineup of the Torum’s institutional supporters:

1st VC: AU21 Capital (

AU21 Capital was founded by Chandler Guo and Kenzi Wang in 2017 with the mission of backing the most promising blockchain entrepreneurs, and providing founders with resources and connections to succeed.

2nd VC: Huobi Ventures (

Huobi Ventures is a wholly-owned venture arm subsidiary of one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. Huobi Group is focused on boosting the firm’s investment portfolio and providing long-term support for innovative blockchain projects.

3rd VC:Worshipper Capital (

Worshipper is a crypto investment fund from Singapore. The fund is expected to raise $5 million for its upcoming Fund I. The current size of fund is $2 million with previous successful investment tracks in Polka ecosystem, NFT, DeFi, Layer 2 solutions and many other quality crypto projects.

4th VC: Consensus Lab (

Founded by Wang Feng, founder of blockchain news portal Mars Finance, Consensus Lab is a Beijing-based venture capital firm that focuses on and invests in technical platforms, infrastructure and internationalized projects related to blockchain.

5th VC: Digital Finance Group (

Digital Finance Group (DFG) is a global blockchain and digital asset investment firm. Founded in 2015, and it manages investments in excess of $550M AUM. DFG’s portfolio includes an actively-managed trading fund which has earned returns of more than 400% over the last five years. DFG manages a venture fund with equity holdings in a number of leading blockchain companies, including LedgerX, Bloq, Circle, and Ripio among others. Successful exits include Brave and Centre, where DFG was the lead investor to create and launch USDC.

6th VC: Momentum 6 (

Momentum 6 is one of the first digital marketing agencies to provide tech-driven blockchain companies with reliable full-stack growth solutions. It has proven expertise in creating marketing momentum from the early growth stages of blockchain companies and keeping the momentum going as companies mature.

7th VC: Waterdrip Capital (

Waterdrip Capital was founded in 2017 by the most forward-thinking Chinese blockchain pioneers. It is an international investment institution that is dedicated to connecting traditional financial market with blockchain ecosystem by actively investing in innovative blockchain startups, being deeply involved with the boldest entrepreneurs and talent IT engineers to build future-oriented digital financial infrastructure and distributed economy worldwide together, constantly providing the strongest supports to blockchain startups and bringing good returns to our investors in a long term.

8th VC: Redline Capital (

Affiliated with Zhejiang Honglin science and technology group co. LTD, Honglian Capital focuses on the venture capital of blockchain technology-related companies, primary and secondary market value investment, cryptocurrency quantitative funds, mining farms, transaction market business, self-media, and related supporting industries.

9th VC: Chain Capital (

Founded in 2015, Chain Capital is a new digital fund focusing on the investment of blockchain head project and the management of professional digital asset. Through combining traditional financial wisdom and the application of new blockchain technology, we’ve helped create a group of world-class investment projects through excavation, incubation and resource management. The core team has many successful cases of blockchain industry investment.

10th VC: Lotus Capital (

Lotus Capital is the leading crypto fund in the Middle East. It is an ecosystem of entrepreneurs, engineers, researchers and academics that has unparalleled access to the most innovative projects in the blockchain space.

11th VC: Oasis Capital (

12th VC: HotBit (

Founded in January 2018 and registered in both Hong Kong and Estonia, with its core team members from China, USA and Taiwan, Hotbit is currently based in Shanghai and Taipei. Currently, Hotbit platform supports 6 languages (Chinese, English, Russian, Korean, Thai, Turkish) and has accumulated 1,000,000+ registered users from more than 170 countries and areas all over the world, among which 90% of registered users are non-Chinese users.

13th VC: N7 Labs

N7 Labs was jointly founded by industry veterans in the global blockchain industry, focusing on the development of the new wave of blockchain. At present, it mainly focuses on DeFi and underlying technology-related ecology. Covering all sectors of the industry, N7 Labs ecological partners will deeply engage in high-quality projects in the industry, provide capital, community, in-depth incubation and other industry core resources to help our portfolio companies to grow their business project growth.

14th VC: Infinite Decentralization Capital, IDC (

Infinite Decentralization Capital is a distinguished investment company focusing on Blockchain investment, Securities, Equity Investment as well as trading. With Professional investment research team and various resources in the industry, an average of 100%+ return annually made by ID Capital in venture investment.

15th VC: Ticker Capital (

Ticker Capital is a company focusing on early-stage blockchain technology investment, consulting and acceleration. Since 2018, Ticker Capital has invested and incubated 10+ blockchain projects and formed long-term partnerships with top investors/incubators/developer communities in China, South Korea, Singapore, Israel, South East Asia and North America.

16th VC: BlockHunter Capital

17th VC: BKEX (

BKEX is the first community-consensus digital assets trading platform in the world. By combining the advantages of the high-performanced centralized exchange and the high-reliable decentralized public blockchain, BKEX provides worldwide trade service for digital currency such as BTC, ETH, EOS, NEO, etc. Relied on its public chain, safe storage of digital assets, project crowdfunding and assets distribution are offered by our trading platform and a supernode decision-making system is built based on DPOS.

18th VC: Crypto Planet

19th VC: Angel One (

AngelONE is a Cryptoasset Angel Platform under BigONE. Registered in Singapore, BigONE is a digital asset trading and trusteeship platform, helping users pinpoint invaluable blockchain assets from all over the world and providing users with fast and secure services, which are made possible by the top-notched technologies and risk management that ensure the security of users’ digital assets.

20th VC: AIDOC Capital

21st VC: Ceras Ventures (

Ceras Ventures is a global leading investment firm that focuses on cutting-edge technology start-ups in the crypto and the blockchain industry to create long-term value-oriented investment and digital asset management to achieve capital appreciation.

Ecosystem Expansion to DeFi & NFT

Torum is proud to be supported by all 21 venture investors and become one of the few social media projects that received institutional backing in the crypto industry. With their support, Torum is prepared to take the ecosystem to the next level by venturing into the DeFi and NFT spaces.

Torum’s ISNO public sale event is scheduled in mid-May, featuring 5 tiers of NFTs available for sale on Torum Finance.

For more details, please check out the official announcement of the Torum ISNO event in the next few weeks.

About Torum

Torum is a DeFi and NFT-infused social media platform that is specially designed for cryptocurrency users. In short, Torum connects worldwide crypto addicts and enthusiasts and provides a one-stop crypto services in a scalable ecosystem.

Joined by over 45,000 cryptocurrency lovers, Torum is now one of the favorite hangout spots among cryptocurrency enthusiasts from every corner of the world.




Torum is a SocialFi ecosystem that is specially designed to connect cryptocurrency users.