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Build Seamless User Flows with Torus at ETH India Online 2020

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Integrating Torus

import Torus from "@toruslabs/torus-embed";
import Web3 from "web3";
const torus = new Torus({
buttonPosition: "top-left" // default: bottom-left
await torus.init({
buildEnv: "production", // default: production
enableLogging: true, // default: false
network: {
host: "kovan", // default: mainnet
chainId: 42, // default: 1
networkName: "Main Ethereum Network"
showTorusButton: false
await torus.login(); // await torus.ethereum.enable()
const web3 = new Web3(torus.provider);

Get User Public Information

const userInfo = await torus.getUserInfo();interface UserInfo {
email: string;
name: string;
profileImage: string;
verifier: string;
verifierId: string;

Torus Name Resolver

const publicAddress = await torus.getPublicAddress({
verifier: "google" | "reddit" | "discord";
verifierId: "random@gmail.com"

Initiating Top Ups

const paymentProviders = {
moonpay: {
minOrderValue: 24.99,
maxOrderValue: 2000,
validCurrencies: ['USD', 'EUR', 'GBP'],
validCryptoCurrencies: ['ETH', 'DAI', 'TUSD', 'USDC', 'USDT']
wyre: {
minOrderValue: 20,
maxOrderValue: 250,
validCurrencies: ['USD'],
validCryptoCurrencies: ['ETH', 'DAI', 'USDC']
const paymentStatus = await torus.initiateTopup('moonpay', {
selectedCurrency: "USD",
fiatValue: 50,
selectedCryptoCurrency: "ETH"

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