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Epicenter Podcast: The Decentralized Key Management and Login System for Web3

Leonard and Zhen sat down with Sébastien Couture from Epicenter to talk about the origins of Torus Labs, the products we recently released, and our aims for the future.

Listen at https://epicenter.tv/episodes/b003

Topics discussed in the episode

  • Zhen and Leonard’s backgrounds and how they got into crypto
  • How and why Torus was formed
  • The path Torus has followed over the past year
  • Unwrapping the base layer, the Torus Network
  • How Shamir’s Secret Sharing works and why Torus chose to build on it
  • The Torus Wallet and a step by step of how it works
  • Torus and account portability
  • Use cases and applications built on Torus
  • The second layer of security, tKey
  • Their plans for introducing Touch ID
  • How Torus educate their users on how to stay secure
  • The long term goal for Torus and how users are protected in the future



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