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Introducing tKey: Bringing Two-Factor Authentication and Progressive Security to Private Keys

A New Standard for Non-Custodial Key Management

  • Convenience — This architecture is compatible with existing user flows, allowing wallet service providers to continue providing a seamless experience for key management.
  • Improved to key recovery — In the event of one of your shares getting lost, (e.g. you lose your phone), users can still retain access to their keys, and can revoke access rights from the lost share.
  • Non-custodial — Service providers cannot access the user’s private key since they only have one share. They also cannot censor users since the user has a recovery share. Users can also choose to migrate to other service providers.
  • Progressive security — tKey gives users more flexibility based on their desired level of security. Increasing the threshold of shares required to reconstruct keys in turn increases the security of their keys (e.g. configuring access to require 3 out of 4 shares).

Try Out tKey on Torus



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