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Silky Smooth NFT User Experiences with Torus Key Management

NFTs have certainly taken the blockchain space by storm as we learn about NFT artworks taking on 7 figure price tags to all forms of media being tokenized into non-fungible tokens. These unique digital goods that live perpetually on the blockchain have drawn incredible interest from beyond the crypto-sphere, and we’re witnessing people from all walks minting their own NFTs to put them up for auction on global marketplaces.

While the learning curve might be rather steep for newcomers, Torus has streamlined the process for onboarding users into their first blockchain wallet and connecting them to various NFT platforms, games, and marketplaces.

Here are several examples of projects using Torus Key Management to provide users with hassle-free experiences in minting, buying and selling NFTs. Through the integrations, users will no longer have to stumble with setting up their seed-phrase wallet or worry about losing their seed phrases and be unable to recover their valuable NFTs.

Torus Wallet Integrations


The popular NFT marketplace has integrated Torus Wallet to allow mainstream users to create their blockchain wallets and connect them to the platform within the single step of logging into their social account; a process that we’re all familiar with. Developers looking to provide similar experiences for their users can integrate the Torus Wallet into their applications within 5 minutes with our installation packages.


Cryptograph offers unique digital collectables minted from renowned celebrities and icons to perpetually raise money for charities.

They have seamlessly implemented Torus Wallet into their flow, allowing their users to log in with any of their social accounts and start using the platform straight away, without the need for any additional downloads or installations.

CustomAuth Integrations

Sequence Wallet

The sequence wallet built by Horizon Games utilizes Torus’ CustomAuth on the backend; a more sophisticated integration, CustomAuth provides developers with full control over their UI and UX, while offering familiar social login flows to their users. The keys used to generate the wallets are handled by the Torus Key Infrastructure. Like the Torus Wallet, CustomAuth is a secure non-custodial key management designed especially for users, while giving developers the peace of mind knowing that their user’s keys are safe, secure, and recoverable.

Building with Torus

Building a project with Torus ensures a hassle-free experience for your users, and developers can pull off a proper integration within a day. To start developing with Torus, explore our documentation to check out the flows that would best fit your project at https://docs.tor.us/ or follow one of our guides at https://docs.tor.us/guides

To learn about how the Torus Key Infrastructure keeps private keys secure and accessible, view our explainer video.

Developers looking to integrate any of the Torus Products can take advantage of USD500 worth of developer credit in our collaborative #ShadowySuperCoder NFT campaign with Galaxy Project. You are eligible for the campaign as long as you have executed a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain before 1 August 2021. Learn more at https://blog.galaxy.eco/project-galaxy-announces-shadowy-super-coder-nft-pack-with-300-million-worth-of-perks-c5cb9ea2d18a?utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=Banner&utm_campaign=ShadowySuperCoder



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